Super Asia is one of the most popular brands in Pakistan, and it brings a whole range of goods to market. The brand’s aim is to make Pakistan proud by providing quality materials. This company offers beautiful home appliances, including kitchen hobs and ovens, at reasonable prices. They have an amazing reputation for providing high-quality appliances at great value for money.

Super Asia is a local brand in Pakistan

Super Asia is a local brand that specializes in producing and marketing high-quality home appliances. I It exports to many countries including Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Its leader, Haji Muhammad Ashraf, is a high-level education and extensive experience in running a multinational company. He is equally committed to social work and spiritual affairs.

The Super Asia brand originated in the country in 1968 and has spread all over South Asia. This brand is ISO 9002 certified and has a long history of quality and innovation. Its products have won the hearts of customers and are now among the leading manufactured products in Pakistan.

Super Asia is a Pakistani company with a strong presence in the country’s domestic market. It has branches across major cities, including Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, and Multan. The Gujranwala branch houses its assembly section and admirer shop. The company’s management operates from an adjacent building.

The Super Asia brand is popular in Pakistan and exports its products to various countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Its products are priced affordably and are of superior quality. Super Asia is one of the leading brands in the home kitchen home appliance industry in Pakistan.

Super Asia uses a competitive strategy in its marketing to promote its products. It emphasizes differentiation and cost control. It offers free home delivery, repair, and maintenance, and upgrades its products with new technology. It also uses an advertising strategy to stay ahead of challengers.

It offers three sizes of hobs

Super Asia is a local brand in Pakistan that offers a variety of goods, including kitchen hob and cooker. The brand’s commitment to quality makes it one of the most trusted and popular brands in the country. Its kitchen hobs and cookers are known for their affordable prices and top-notch performance.

It has a flex zone

With a flex zone kitchen hob, you can combine two cooking rings into one. This is very useful for making gravy and putting a roasting tray directly on the hob. It also comes with an inbuilt extractor fan for maximum airflow.

Choosing a Kitchen Hob

A kitchen hob is a cooking surface, also known as a cooktop. It applies heat to the bottom of pans and can be integrated with an oven in a kitchen stove, but it is also available as a standalone device. There are several types, including ceramic, gas, induction, and tecno.


An induction kitchen hob is a great alternative to a gas or ceramic hob and can be a great help if you cook a lot of food. An induction hob heats food by passing an alternating current through a copper coil beneath the ceramic plate. This copper coil then induces a magnetic field, which acts like a secondary winding on a transformer. This current flows through the pan, heating it, and eliminating the danger of hot spots where food can burn.

A preferred embodiment of an induction kitchen hob comprises a first induction coil in a central heating zone and at least four-second coils arranged in corresponding quadrants of a rectangular heating area. These coils are arranged in such a way as to define each of the cooking zones.

An induction kitchen hob comes in a variety of different sizes. A small commercial four-ring model is perfect for cooking four different types of food at once. For larger cooking needs, an industrial cooker with four stoves and a four-ring induction wok hob with eight-speed power conversion is the best bet. This versatile kitchen hob also comes with adjustable European-style legs and a digital display. It can be used for frying, boiling, and stewing.

The benefits of an induction kitchen hob are many. In addition to a sleek and modern appearance, an induction hob offers multiple safety features. It can protect you from a gas leak and can prevent food poisoning. This type of cooking appliance also has a waterproof insulating cover for electrical junction boxes.

Another important feature is the ability to adjust the height of the cooktop. Commercial induction cookers are adjustable from 170 to 210mm. The resulting heat can be precisely controlled so that chefs do not strain their lumbar muscles when adjusting the heat.


When it comes to choosing a ceramic hob for your kitchen, you should consider what kind of cooking you do the most. While you can go for the simplest ones, some ceramic hobs are designed with advanced features that can make your cooking time much shorter. You should look for a ceramic hob that has multiple heating zones.

These kitchen hobs use hidden heating systems to generate heat. This heat is transferred through the glass to the elements below. Some hobs also have cooking zones that glow red while in use, alerting you of a hot zone. This indicator light will also alert you if a hot zone remains after the hob is switched off.

Ceramic hobs are a great choice for people on a budget, as they’re often cheaper than induction and gas hobs. They also come in a variety of styles and sizes. They are also faster to heat up than an electric hot plate, although they’re a little slower than induction and gas hobs.

Cleaning ceramic hobs is an easy task as they’re usually flush with the worktop. They are also protected by glass, which can make cleaning them much easier. However, you may need to consider a few special cleaning solutions, such as ceramic-hob cleaner. Alternatively, you can simply use a cloth and a solution of hot water and washing up liquid.

Ceramic hobs work by conduction, where the active ring heats the surrounding surface. This heat then passes on to the pan or food. Ceramic hobs do not require much energy compared to their induction counterparts, but they are much slower to heat up and cool down.


If you’re renovating your kitchen and looking for a better option for your cooktop, you should consider upgrading to a built-in gas hob. They have a wide variety of benefits, including easy cleaning and a better appearance. Today’s gas hobs have aesthetically appealing steel or glass surfaces, auto-ignition, and a wide range of other features. If you’re worried about the safety of gas, this might not be the best option for you.

When installing a built-in hob, you’ll need to hire a qualified professional to ensure that it is installed correctly. In addition, it’s important to have the countertop cut according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Otherwise, there will be a gap or too little space for the hob to fit into. You can also choose between a glass surface and a stainless steel finish. Glass surfaces are less likely to scratch than stainless steel surfaces.

Another advantage of a glass surface is that it looks attractive and is easy to clean. It also provides even heat distribution. Choosing a glass surface also allows you to use it as a hob top or built-in. Glass tops are also good for modular kitchens, as they are easier to clean.

Built-in hobs also come with many advanced features. Some of them have sensors and alarms to prevent overcooking and burning. They also offer adjustable heat levels. A built-in hob is safer than a conventional cooktop as it does not expose the gas pipes. Moreover, they comply with international safety standards.

In addition to keeping the hob clean, you should also make sure that you use the right cleaning materials. It’s recommended to use a soft sponge or microfiber cloth to clean the surface. Do not use steel scrubbers or hard scouring pads, as these can scratch the surface.


The Tecno kitchen hob has a large selection of features for home users. Besides the kitchen hob, Tecno offers a range of other household items, including an electric griller, air conditioner, dryer, and freezer. All of these products can be found at iPrice Singapore.

The Tecno 75cm built-in 2-burner glass hob T 28TGSV features a high-quality built-in glass hob with a tempered glass top. Its design features a wide space between burners and a safety valve. It also comes with variable valve systems that let you adjust the flame easily. Its Bakelite knobs are also cool to the touch.


The Gorenje on kitchen hob features advanced technology that makes cooking even more enjoyable. With its 6 cooking zones, this induction hob allows you to cook multiple dishes at once. Its timer is also adjustable, ensuring that your meal is cooked to perfection in a consistent amount of time.

The Gorenje induction hob has an expanded zone called the FishZone, which is ideal for cooking with wide pots. It also has a ChildLock feature, which prevents unauthorized changes to parameters. And when it comes to gas hobs, the three-ring flame helps optimize the flame by mixing the gas with air before it reaches the burner. Its streamlined design ensures the perfect heat distribution and is very durable.

The Gorenje company started in 1950 and has grown to become one of the world’s biggest appliance manufacturers. Its headquarters are in Velenje, Slovenia, and it is the fourth-largest producer of household appliances in Europe. It produces appliances under its own brands and other names. It has production facilities in Velenje and other locations in the Czech Republic and Serbia. It also produces a range of kitchen and bathroom furniture.

The Gorenje Classico Collection embodies classic aesthetics with an emphasis on carefully chosen materials and soft lines.