Supernatural Creature Walking on Bridge

A “supernatural creature” has been spotted walking on a bridge in eastern India, and video footage of it has been captured by locals. Sanjay Kanojia, a photographer for Getty Images, is also credited with capturing the scene. The creatures are described as “human-like,” but it is not clear whether the creature is real or not.

Supernatural Creature Walking on Bridge

Unclothed woman

The woman was spotted by Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office deputies in Redway, California, walking on the Redway Bridge, naked. Deputies noticed that the woman had several cuts on her body. They attempted to intervene, but the woman jumped on the railing and walked on it. The ledge was eight inches in diameter and the woman was swaying as she walked.

The mysterious figure appeared on the bridge in a recent video, circulating on social media. There’s no consensus about what the figure is, but many people are convinced that it is an unclothed woman. According to the Indian Republic Media Network, the video was shot in the state of Jharkhand, though it was also reported to be shot in other parts of India.

The video, filmed by two youth, has gone viral online. The teenagers who filmed the video, Deepak and Deepinder, were driving back from Chakradharpur, India, when they noticed a strange woman walking on the bridge. They thought it was a witch and started shouting, “Witch, Witch! Record it!” They then posted the video on social media and it has been shared hundreds of times.


An amazing video recently surfaced on YouTube featuring a strange figure walking across a bridge in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, India. It quickly went viral on social media and continued to be discussed for weeks. The clip, which is 30 seconds long, was quickly shared and tagged all over the internet, leaving many to speculate about what could be the Supernatural Creature Walking on Bridge.

The mysterious figure has been dubbed the “Tizheruk” and has been spotted several times in the region. It is described as large, with a long neck and is friendly. It is said to enjoy playing with children and does not engage in any violent behavior. However, some people do not believe in the video.

The video was posted online after a journalist in Hazaribagh captured the strange creature on video. The creature appears to be walking on two legs and was observed by many passersby. People stopped in their cars to see the strange figure walking along the bridge. Some people guessed that it was an alien or ghost.


If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s possible to experience ghostly encounters in an unsettling area of the world, then you’ve likely heard about the ghosts that walk the San Juan Bridge. These spirits are often associated with a Native American woman named Lydia. The spirit is described as a young woman in white, who died tragically on the bridge.

A popular tour of the bridge is available to people who are intrigued by paranormal phenomena. In addition to the ghosts, there are also rumors of a headless woman that likes to sneak up behind people at night. She may have some connection to the headless nun that haunts a San Antonio hospital, which also is located on the bridge.

This tour is not your average “grab and scare” kind of tour, so you’ll want to get VIP tickets for this tour. This will give you a more personal experience and you’ll receive a signed copy of a book that will explain the ghosts’ stories. Plus, you’ll have real ghost hunting gear issued to you during the entire tour. That means you’ll get a bracelet that says “I Love Ghost Hunting” and other little surprises that make the tour unique and enjoyable.


It seems that the Slender Man is the mysterious supernatural creature who’s been walking across a Wisconsin bridge since the early 2000s. Police have linked it to a crime committed by Ms. Weier. She was accused of killing her best friend and attempting to make a living by serving the Slender Man. According to the police report, the Slender Man is a tall, tentacled, faceless being. He first appeared on the internet as a meme and subsequently became an obsession.

The Slenderman is generally depicted as a featureless, skinny humanoid with four to eight black tentacles. This is the same creature that appeared in a viral video. The creature has a thin body and pale skin. Its long, spindly arms and torso are also similar to those of the Slender Man. Some people have also compared the creature to a tall, white alien.

Although the Slender Man originated as an Internet meme, he’s recently made a comeback in India, where footage of him was shot on a new bridge over the Chadwa Dam. In the footage, the bizarre humanoid can be seen walking along the bridge with his arms and legs folded under its armpits. The story of the Slender Man is so compelling that it has spawned an entire myth in its own right.

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