Whether in the Life or the Market, having appropriate targets is very important to achieve success. In the case of the Jewelry industry, it’s highly recommended to have your Targeted Approach to gain good sales. Know here how to Target Your Ideal Sterling Silver jewelry Customer.

Is your Sterling Silver Authentic?

Before getting into targeting r ideal customers, make sure that you have authentic products of Sterling Silver jewelry. Make sure that your all products have 925 Sterling Silver Hallmark on them. This hallmark is proof of your authenticity. Remember Trust and Authenticity are the first things that a customer looks into. Having an authentic mark on your sterling silver jewelry is the first step towards having great success in the market. Now let’s move towards targeting the right customers for your Jewelry Collection.

Divide Your Customers into Groups!

You need to understand that not every product is for everybody. Your certain Sterling Silver jewelry collection will attract only a certain type of customer. And you need to divide your customers according to that and then you need to make a business out of them.

Analysis of your Sale!

You need to observe the traffic you’re getting on your different types of jewelry items. Based on those observations, one needs to make the appropriate decisions according to them. You need to connect your jewelry item with the top buying customer type and then you need to have strategies to target more of them.

Here’s an Example!

Like by analysis of various sales and observations, here’s the trend in customers’ choice of sterling silver jewelry. This is the set of silver jewelry and the customer type based on its high demands.

1. Bracelets among Teenagers– Teenagers girls have been found more attractive towards teenage girls. This is maybe because these Sterling Silver Bracelets are quite fashionable and gain a lot of attraction for they find it comfortable too and that’s why when it comes to Bracelets, one should focus on targeting these teenage customers which can be a big turnaround for you in terms of business.

2. Rings among Working People – People who are aged between 24-30 have been one of the highest buying customers of Sterling Silver Rings. There are two prime reasons for that, first, the comfortable and professional look of silver rings which does not affect your workplace look, and second, being in a relationship at these ages. So, when it comes to Rings, one should have a good range of designs taking care of both the type of customers in this range. By doing so you can expect high sales of rings.

3. Pendants the choice of all – When it comes to pendants, it has got a mixed percentage of sales from all age groups. Be it teenagers, older ones, or even working people everyone contributes almost equally toward the sale of pendants. Sterling silver pendants are often very light to carry and give you an elegant look and that’s why it is everyone’s choice.

Gemstone Jewelry- Rising Choice Among Customers!

Gemstone jewelry has made its place in the market in recent times. These Gold or Silver studded Birthstone Rings have become very popular. It has become a new trend these days. It goes with your professional attire and also has stunning effects on your well-being. These Gemstones have their benefits attached to them. By wearing a Gemstone Ring according to your Zodiac Sign you can have good effects on your luck and health too. Here is some top selling Gemstone Jewelry :

Pietersite Jewelry– Pietersite is a variety of Chalcedony Gemstones which has got a mixture of raw colors and range from Blue -Gray, Brown to even Yellow. It has got a very powerful vibe attached to it and gives a fabulous look in the form of rings or other jewelry.

Agate JewelryCandle with ring inside ┬áis very popular due to its high range of colors. It’s made out of a combination of Chalcedony and Quartz and has a rainbow of colors inside. So it has become a very popular choice when it comes to Gemstone Rings especially.

Mookaite Jewelry– Mookaite as a gemstone is a very popular choice among Bracelets, Necklaces, and even Pendants. Its slight yellow-brown texture gives a very vintage look and is one of the most popular Australian gemstones. Mookaite gemstone is supposed to give a feeling of peace and wholeness by making you feel complete.

Botswana Agate Jewelry

Botswana Agate is one of those gemstones which is known for its historic importance. It has got its unique swirling designs giving wave looks over it. It’s a symbol of the Power of time and has effects on making you more grounded and respectful towards others.

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