Packaging like custom paper boxes and paper bags is veritably important in caffs and other food establishments. Paper bags are a good packaging result in the food assiduity. Using the most applicable paper bags offers accessible packaging to bring a steady inflow of guests to your establishments. These bags come in colorful options and sizes for all types of food and drinks.

Although paper bags are an excellent alternative to plastic wrapping, and a sudden splurge in green packaging has been observed, still only some are able to have access to the green packaging alternative. Especially the remote areas or very small businesses which are not able to afford the cost of paper bags. In some cases, the product sold is too small in size that using paper packaging is not possible, and if one uses paper packaging the amount of paper wasted is so large. Moreover, paper bags are not durable, and cannot be used for carrying heavy objects. Though paper bags back up the green packaging economy but still paper is made from the bark of the tree, thus if we switch to the paper economy indirectly we are responsible for the increasing climatic hazards.

The cotton bags

Now cotton bags are not only trendy but are durable, and do not occupy space when not in use, as one can fold them and store them. Moreover cotton provides us with the feature of customization in custom paper bags. It provides one with the flexibility to customize it according to requirement, be it for the personalized feel, or for the purpose of advertisement. These bags are recently in trend, you can see college-going kids using them as a backpack, working women using them as their work totes, and some even use them as storage bags or grocery bags. More one feature of these cotton bags is it is a one-time investment and reusability is possible with easy repair of the bag. These bags are easily available with good durability as compared to leather bags, and artificial leather bags, with more eco-friendliness.

Jute paper bags

If you need a stylish strong alternative to paper bags for your day-to-day chores, jute bags are the one for you. They are even more durable than cotton bags and like a good eco-friendly alternative to custom paper bags. Even cotton cultivation requires a large number of water resources for it to be cultivated, which poses an obstacle in the county with water scarcity issues, their jute bags are a good alternative, as they can be customized, trendy, and durable. Moreover, the goldish-brown colour of the jute fibre provides the bag with an artistic and aesthetic look.

In general, if we talk about the alternatives to paper bags that are eco-friendly would be the fibre bags like the cotton bag or jute bags, moreover, jute can be used to make baskets and many other intricate articles that could be used as a box for the shipping of the product, though these bags are a bit costly due to them being handmade, they are good for the environment and if the demand of these products increases the price is bounded to go low.