Makalidurga Trek is a one-day trekking journey with an essence of history. It is 60 km from the city of Banglore. Makalidurga Trek is perfect for beginners. It is also an all-season trekking spot with plenty of greenery and spectacular views for one to enjoy. Along the journey, one gets to experience the lush green vegetation, rocky terrain which is perfect for rock climbing and rappelling, a beautiful lake view of a lake that surrounds the hill, and the remains of the fort which was ruled by many ancient rulers like the rulers of Vijayanagara empire, the Nayaks. Father of Chhatarapati Shivaji Maharaj that is Shahaji Bhosle also ruled this fort during his reign in the 1600s.

According to the legends, Markandeya Rishi had performed his penance in this location. The fort also served as a granary for the Palegar “Makaliraya” in the late 19th century and during the Vijayanagara empire, it served as a place for conducting warfare simulations for training the soldiers.

The fascinating journey of the Makalidurga Trek can be experienced both during the day and night.


About reaching to Makalidurga trek


Being the favorite trekking spot, the Makalidurga trek is easily accessible through the road and railways.

It is 60 km from Banglore by road. From Doddaballapura, it is a 20-minute drive. The railway journey is in itself exciting as you can experience the surrounding beauty of hills and greenery. You can come as well as go by train. This is a perfect weekend day trekking journey.


About the permissions

Makaliduraga Trek comes under the Eco trips which are managed by the forest department of stature government of Karnataka. Permission is needed to be taken in order to go for the trek. There is a ticket fee of rs. 250 for adults and rs. 50 for students and children. This is mainly to avoid any littering in the forest area.

About adventures of Makaidurga Trek

Makalidurga trek is perfect for beginners. It is a simple trekking journey 2.2 km long. This trekking journey includes lush greenery and a rocky trail. The rocky terrain is best for experiencing rock climbing and rappelling. 

The fort at the hilltop is worth exploring. There are two caves that are yet unexplored, one at the bottom of the hill and the other approximately 30 feet above it. These can be a good point of attraction if you are eager to explore the unexplored.

The trekking journey is easy as it has many directions marked at regular intervals. These directions are a blessing for beginners as they avoid getting lost in the way.

About the Gundamagere Lake

Gundamagere lake is the biggest point of attraction of this trekking journey. This lake has water most time of the year. Gundamagere lake resembles the shape of the continent of South Africa which makes it an eye-catcher.

The lake can be viewed from the hilltop and its beauty mesmerizes one’s eyes also on full moon nights, its beauty can be experienced to the fullest.


About the Makalidurga Fort

The last part of the trek is exploring the Makalidurga fort. This fort has seen many ups and down in history and also experienced the reign of many rulers. The fort is in a ruined state, but still can be explored. The Gundamagere lake can be clearly viewed from the fort also you can enjoy the view of fields and villages nearby.

The views from the top of Makalidurga fort are really breathtaking.


About returning back

This trekking journey can take a total of 5 hours to and fro. This is really an exciting journey to experience on a lovely weekend. While returning your way back from the hill, make sure that you are careful enough while walking down. Watch out for the loose rocks. Coming down from the hill is always easy, and hence people tend to avoid being careful and this is when most mishaps take place.



Makalidurga Trek offers us immense beauty of nature to explore just a few hours away from the city of Banglore. If you are a resident of Banglore or are planning to visit Banglore, the Makalidurga trek is a must-visit spot. It is a fascinating experience that washes off your tiredness and fills your body and soul with positive energy and vibes giving you enough energy to face the coming days enthusiastically.

Weekends are the favorite days of one’s life. Days that take one away from the hectic daily schedule. These are the days when we can relax and give ourselves good quality time. Trekking gives a healthy relaxation and helps make a close bond with nature. Short treks like Makalidurga are good to go on such lovely weekends. 


By Alberta