San Francisco, California

San Francisco is entrenched in cultural identification. West coast cities almost have to make up for a bit of lost time because the roots of American colonization were established in East coast cities. Although many consider America’s past questionable, there is still a sense of historical pride. After all, conversations around these topics are what help educate future generations. They will know that colonization is not a good thing but it is what happened to create America.

The first European visit by sea was from a Spanish exploration ship in 1775. The area first began as a grounds for a trading post with some settlements dotted around between the Spanish Missions and the Presidio (now part of the Golden Gate Park). It became known as Yerba Buena after a popular herb in the area. Francisco Del Hara became the first magistrate of Yerba Buena. And from there came San Francisco.

Today, San Francisco is a haven for many artists. People come to San Francisco from all over the world. It’s one of the most iconic cities of the American brand. The area is condensed with a mixture of Chinese, Mexican, Filipino, Native American, Jewish, African American, and many other races and ethnicities. The city is well-known for its business with research, science, and the arts. 

Around the turn of the century is when San Francisco really took off. After the 1906 earthquake, they rebuilt and came back even more fierce. Beaux Style buildings, huge art exhibitions, and luxury hotels. Now you can see exhibitions at SF Open Studios, the SFMoMA, or the Cartoon Art Museum.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If there’s one thing Philly is not lacking– it’s museums. You can visit several dozens of art museums throughout Philadelphia on any given day. From the Philadelphia museum of art to The Center for Art in Wood, art in many mediums is prevalent in this historical city. Everywhere you look, innovation and creation are pouring through the streets.

Not only is there plenty of public art and murals, but almost every community of the city also has something to offer. The Electric Street is a mural on Percy Street that is a neon-colored light installation. There’s also a huge mural of Will Smith at Global Leadership Academy Charter School. Will was famously “born and raised in West Philadelphia”. Not to mention there are statues all over the city of plenty of famous folks who have lived here.

For those looking into Philadelphia houses for sale, you won’t be short on dazzling outdoor attractions. Even outside of the public art, statutes, and museums of art– check out the Liberty Bell or The Reading Terminal Market. Beautiful and awe-inspiring locations are within arms reach. Even the historical buildings and cobble-stoned streets are enough to make you feel like you’ve traveled to a more antiquated time. And nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a touch of the past!

New York, New York

The first museum of art that opened in New York was the New York Historical Society and Library. It opened in 1804 and changed locations many times before its permanent home on Central Park West. Found by John Pintard who was the secretary at the American Academy of Fine Arts. The Historical Society was officially created and the first catalog printed in 1813 showed there to be hundreds of newspapers, documents, maps, oil paintings, and engraved portraits. 

Some of the biggest names in art are based in New York City. The Met is the largest art gallery in the country. The Modern Museum of Art was created in Manhattan to collect and display modern works of art around the world. Developed by Abby Aldrich Rockefeller and her two friends, it was originally the only display of modern art. By the early 1930s, they were displaying works of Seurat, Van Gogh, and Cezanne. 

Whatever may be your driving force behind searching for art cities, these options are the top three. There are more art events and exhibits in these cities than you can accomplish in weeks. If you’re hoping to move to an area to attain a degree or job in design or fashion, then these will also be your top 3 best bets. However, it’s always better to check it out for yourself!

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