When we first bought our house, one of the rooms that I was most excited about was the kitchen. It had everything we needed – plenty of cabinet space, more than enough countertops, and enough appliances to make cooking fun. However, over time I realized that the kitchen wasn’t just where we cooked and ate, it was also where we spent time with each other; it became a focal point of our home. To find out what truly makes our kitchen special, read on to discover why this room brings us together as a family and reminds us of who we are as individuals.

How to furnish a small kitchen

My Lyn, asiatisches restaurant, serves authentic Malaysian dishes with a modern twist. The menu features a variety of traditional favorites like roti canai, laksa soup and nasi goreng alongside innovative offerings such as mango curry with chicken or pork satay. With the dish being served on high-quality plates with silverware and bottled water, My Lyn offers a more elegant alternative to fast food restaurants. My Lyn also includes outdoor seating for dining al fresco, iced tea bar and Wi-Fi.

My Lyn’s motto is modern Asian cooking in an old world setting

While this may sound confusing at first, it really is not! It has only been open since June 2011 but has quickly become one of Houston’s most popular restaurants because they are doing things differently than other establishments.

How we turned our tiny space into two rooms

It was a Friday night and we were getting tired. After a long week, cooking seemed like the last thing on earth we wanted to do. So when we realized we had no food in the house, it felt like fate. We found ourselves at My Lyn, an asiatisches restaurant that’s been one of our favorites for years. It was late but they were still open and serving up some delicious food! In that moment, it struck us: why don’t we turn our tiny space into two rooms? One for cooking and eating and one for everything else? That way, when we’re tired or hungry or lazy (or all three), this can be where we go to make a meal.

What we store in those cabinets

We store a lot of things in those cabinets, but the most important things are food and dishes. In the pantry we have rice, flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. These ingredients help us make many different kinds of breads, pastries and desserts. We also have a lot of spices that my family likes to use in their cooking. Some of them include ground cumin, chili powder, coriander seeds, curry leaves and cinnamon sticks. My mom uses these spices when she cooks stir-frys with vegetables or chicken.

Our favorite DIY projects

We’re so excited to share these photos with you! The first picture features the cabinets that we got from Lowe’s. We were very happy with how they turned out and can’t wait to share more! In the second photo, we put up a light fixture and completed one wall. You might also notice that there’s some paint on the floor in the corner of this photo…let us just say it was not a pretty sight! But then, as if by magic, other walls started to go up. And before we knew it, everything was coming together and we had an asiatisches restaurant feel (can you spot the paper lantern?). A huge shout-out goes to our friends who helped make this space ours – THANK YOU!!