The Muni Long Husband is not just the title of a popular song. It’s also the name of a relationship that has flourished from the get-go. Masimba Chibanda and Priscilla Renea Hamilton have been together for so long that they’ve inspired each other’s music.


The singer and songwriter muni long husband is a talented artist with many hits. She has co-written songs with famous names like Fifth Harmony, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, and Ariana Grande.

Muni Long has been in the music industry for a long time. In fact, her first album was released by Capitol Records. She has been nominated for a Grammy Award for her work on Back of My Mind by H.E.R. Her most recent single, “Hrs and Hrs,” became a viral hit.

Despite her success, Muni Long is still working behind the scenes in the music industry. Currently, she is focusing on her vocal career.

Before becoming a singer, she was a songwriter. For the next ten years, she wrote hits for various artists. Some of her co-written songs are Love So Soft by Kelly Clarkson, Imagine by Ariana Grande, and California Bed by Rihanna.

Initially, Muni Long was a bit shy when it came to singing around other people. Later on, she got comfortable. At this point, she started recording her singing videos in her room. This was her way of getting her name out into the public.

Priscilla Renea Hamilton

Muni Long is a talented singer-songwriter from the United States. She has been in the music industry for over a decade. The songs that she has written have a great impact on the music industry. In fact, Muni has co-written “California King Bed” with Rihanna and “Love So Soft” with Kelly Clarkson.

In 2009, Muni released her solo debut studio album, Jukebox. She was nominated for Album of the Year. However, her single, “Hrs and Hrs,” became a hit.

It is believed that Muni started singing at age two. After that, she began writing and co-writing songs for other artists. Eventually, she was signed to Def Jam Recordings. Besides her writing, she also earned money from brand advertising, licensing her music, and touring.

Priscilla Renea Hamilton was born on September 14, 1988, in Vero Beach, Florida. She has a father who is a member of the Navy. From an early age, her family volunteered her to sing at church events.

Masimba Chibanda

If you are familiar with the music industry, you might have heard about Masimba Chibanda, the wife of Muni Long. The couple got married in 2014, eight years after they met. They are currently living in the United States.

The couple have a good relationship, and they do not appear to have any conflicts. Their private lives are kept away from the media. Apparently, they have a large net worth.

It is unknown whether the couple has multiple homes. Muni’s fans are more supportive of their marriage than Masimba’s. Some of them praised their appearance.

Although the couple is not very popular, they have a substantial wealth. This is because of their career. Both of them are known for their singing.

Muni Long has collaborated with many artists. He has written melody for such artists as Fifth Harmony, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, and Kelly Clarkson.

Their relationship inspired her music

If you’ve been following Muni Long on social media, then you may have seen that she has a husband named Masimba Chibanda. They’ve been married for eight years, and they met when they were both attending Taco Tuesdays. While they’ve never mentioned their relationship on Instagram stories or Facebook, they have been known to support each other.

After six months of dating, Muni and Masimba decided to marry. Since then, they’ve been living together, and they have two dogs. Their net worth is about $4 million, which they receive from their music careers.

The love between Muni and Masimba has inspired her music. She has co-written songs with mega artists such as Madonna, Mary J Blige, Fifth Harmony, and Rihanna. And she has performed at the BET Awards.

They don’t appear to be holding a baby

If you have been paying attention to the R&B scene in the last decade you have most certainly seen the name Muni Long and her mate Masimba Chibanda. The duo have been together for over a decade and are reportedly married, but not parents. They are also the proud owners of the first two digits of their respective Social Security numbers. Despite their storied status, they have remained low key and have managed to avoid the paparazzi. In fact, they have only been in the media limelight sporadically, as of late.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. One of the things that has been a joy to watch over the years is the chemistry between Muni and her mate. Unlike most celebrity pairings, they manage to maintain a cordial relationship, despite their long distance relationship. This despite the fact that Muni has always been the more introverted of the pair.

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