The Subnautica Below Zero map is a sprawling icy wilderness. This article contains every location you will need from the map and its coordinates in-game. It’s easy to learn if you’re going for the EVA suit, the Seamoth, or the new Prawn Suit.

subnautica below zero map


The Subnautica Below Zero Map is a detailed guide to all the locations you’ll need in-game for the game’s minimum and recommended settings. This includes the most important POI’s and key landmarks, so you can spend less time looking for things and more time exploring!

Welcome to the Subnautica Below Zero Map! In this blog post, we will be detailing every location in the game with in-game coordinates. This guide is also perfect for those who are new to the game and want to know where everything is.

If you’re looking for a specific item or want directions to a specific location, check out our guides on the Subnautica wiki. There you will find detailed instructions and maps of all the major locations in the game.

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Where to Find the Below Zero Map

The Below Zero Map is a new in-game map that players can use to explore Subnautica more easily. The map has been created by players and can be found below. 

Below Zero Map:

-Northwest corner of the map: This location is in the center of the large island and can be accessed by jumping off the cliffs on the island’s north side. 

-Southwest corner of the map: This location is next to a large sunken ship and can be accessed by swimming down to it from the northeast side of the island. 

Locations on the Below Zero Map

If you’re like most people, when you hear the words “below zero” your mind immediately goes to those harrowing scenes from survival horror games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill. But if you’re a fan of underwater exploration, then you’ll want to check out Subnautica, the underwater survival game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. 

Your goal is to survive and find your way back to the surface. You’ll need to find resources, build shelter, and fend off wild creatures to do this. 

The Below Zero Map is a handy tool that will help you locate all the important locations in-game for completing the game.  Below is a list of all the locations on the Below Zero Map that are important for completing the game: 

Additional Resources

The Subnautica Below Zero Map is a handy guide to help you find every location in the game, with in-game coordinates. Whether you’re looking for a quick escape from an icy predicament, or just want to get the best view of a stunning location, this map has you covered.

If you’re looking for additional information on the Subnautica Below Zero Map, be sure to check out our blog section. Here you’ll find in-game coordinates, descriptions of each location, and a gallery of screenshots to illustrate the locations.

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