The classic yes meme is creepy and has been around for years. Dwight Schrute has endorsed it in the past. Babies seem to say yes better than adults. If you’re interested in seeing the true origins of the yes meme, read on. I’m sure you’ll find some interesting facts.

Yes Meme

Nicolas Cage’s yes meme

Nicolas Cage’s yes meme is an internet phenomenon that has become an omnipresent part of our culture. A fan-created this meme responding to the actor’s recent yes to a job offer. It highlights the actor’s desire to make millions of dollars through his next film, despite his teenage daughter’s skepticism about his commitment.

While some AMAs blanch from being personal, Nicolas Cage’s AMA shows his willingness to consider every topic. From his comments about Adam West and Spirited Away to his comments on the upcoming movie The Expendables, the star has shown that he isn’t a shrinking violet when asked about his forthcoming movies.

Protegent Antivirus “Yes” meme

The “Yes” meme is an internet phenomenon in which a company’s mascot “Proto” and an irate computer user is snorting cocaine. It was created by the Indian software company Unistal three years ago. Its commercial encourages the man to invest in antivirus software to protect his computer from viruses. It also includes an anti-phishing tool, which blocks malicious websites and prevents phishing attempts.

The “Yes” meme was spawned when a Protegent ad was posted online. A screenshot of the commercial with “Yes” captioned underneath became a popular meme on Reddit. The ads were presented in a 2D style, often criticized for their stiff animation. The Protegent Rap was also infamous for its poor English lyrics.

Soyjaks vs. Chads

This is a very popular meme that shows two different types of men – Soyjaks and Chads. Chads are white men who are popular with women. In Chicago, the word “chad” is commonly used as an adjectival for a white male interested in dating women.

Soyjaks vs. Chads is a series of Wojak Comics in which two characters discuss various subjects. The format is similar to Yes Chads, in which the two characters compare each other. Soyjaks are usually shown as the good guys compared to Chads, and Chads are generally shown as the weak ones.

This meme originated on the 4chan message board. It soon spread across the internet with the rise of the incel community. Incels saw themselves as spiritual rivals to Chads, so the meme became popular. Tumblr pages were created in 2015 to capitalize on this trend.


If you’re looking for a new way to poke fun at race relations, you can look no further than the “Racism Meme.” It is a humorous list of things that make people feel racist. These things are often innocuous but often associated with specific behaviors or situations. As such, they’re often deemed guilty by association. This doctrine is also known as a joint criminal enterprise. These memes can include images of African Americans wearing jorts or even white men not wearing face masks.

Racism memes often highlight how white people view different races, reinforcing the idea of white hegemony. They also highlight how Asian/Americans are seen as one race, making them monolithic.


The Yes meme is a cartoon character that appears in images that call for inclusion and diversity. Its popularity stems from an argument that 4chan users have over the nature of race and ethnicity. Originally, the character represented a Nordic person standing against an image of a “Mediterranean” man. Today, Chad is used as a vehicle for diverse political commentary, and he is not a cynic.

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