There is nothing anyone hates the most than not having a good night’s sleep. It is the worst for those suffering from loss of sleep caused by pests like bed bugs. These pests are small, smart, and tough. Getting rid of them might be a lot of work that requires patience and commitment. These little bloodsuckers cause trouble and chaos in your home. You can always call for help from companies who specialize in finding and getting rid of these bloodsuckers,  like the bed bug removal in Plain City, Ohio, but for those who want to do it by themselves, we have the ultimate guide for you.

1. Locate all infected areas of bed bug

You can find these pests usually in your bedroom. They like to hide in dark places. You need to find all the possible places they might be. Leaving even one place will make your problem occur again. An excellent place to start finding them places where there is fabric and places where it is suitable for them to breed.  Try finding them in your bed, pillowcase, and your couch. 

2. Clean and Contain

Once you have successfully identified where they might be, containment is the next course of action. You need to clean these places. An excellent way to do that is by using a vacuum cleaner. Once you clean them, you need to change the sheets for good measure. You will also need to wash those sheets because it will get rid of the remaining eggs.

3. Use the Power of the Sun

A good way of getting rid of bed bugs is also maximizing daylight. These pests cannot stand the heat. They are vulnerable to high heat. You can leave the infected sheets and pillowcases under the sun for 6-12 hours, and it will cause the bugs to die. You can also put the sheets in the dryer for about 30 minutes after washing them. Sometimes the best answers for these little bloodsuckers are already within our reach.

4. Kill bed bug using insecticides

For those who live where sunlight is scarce. You can use insecticides to get rid of these pests. Insecticides are perfect for killing them instantly. The downside of using insecticides is the smell afterward. Make sure that if you decide to use spray-based insecticides, no one is inside your house. You can plan a day out and spray your home and the infected areas before you leave.

5. Make sure the problem never occurs again

Once you have ideally killed and already got rid of existing bloodsuckers in your home. Ensure you have included every infected sheet and place it for the next step. The next step is mitigating to make sure they never bother you again. You can do this by cleaning regularly. You can also wash sheets regularly in order to prevent bed bugs from ever laying eggs.

Sleep well, knowing you are bug-free!

You must remember that although these bugs are tricky to get rid of, they are still vulnerable. It needs to have patience and the commitment to do everything to stop them. You will also need consistency because once you think the problem is over, it will spawn again. Clean parts of your house that you think they might be interested in breeding. Once you have done all the steps in our ultimate guide to bed bug removal, you can lay back and relax, knowing that you can sleep without distractions. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and enjoy the night in the comfort of your bug-free bed.