There is a widespread misconception that traveling with dogs is extremely challenging, if not downright impossible. The majority of dog owners believe that they will have to fork over a substantial amount of money in order to cover the costs of dog sitting while they are away on vacation with their pets as per How To Travel With A Dog blog.

Bring Your Furry Friends

On the other hand, I discovered that it is possible to bring your furry friends along with you on most types of Traveling With Dogs. All it takes is some study and a little bit of additional planning, and it’s not nearly as tough as you might think it would be.

The National Pet Owners Survey

As per How To Travel With A Dog blog . The National Pet Owners Survey for 2017–2018 found that 68 percent of households in the United States have at least one pet. That’s a rise of 56% since 1988, bringing the total number of dogs to 89 million and of those people who own dogs, over 37% travel with their animals at least once a year, which is a significant increase from the 19% who did so a decade ago.

International Pet And Animal Transportation

According to the findings of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association, more than four million living creatures are flown around the world in airplanes every single year. As a result of the travel industry being forced to respond to the increased demand, bringing your dog along on vacation is now simpler than it has ever been. As per How To Travel With A Dog blog . As someone who is quite enthusiastic about both canines and trips across the world, I felt compelled to relate what I’ve observed regarding the development of this new fashion while I’ve been away.

Do Not Immediately Conclude

Do not immediately conclude that it is negative. The number of people who vacation with their pets is growing every year, but it has taken businesses some time to adjust to this trend. As a result, many establishments do not yet have policies regarding dogs (or their policies have yet to be thoroughly fleshed out). As per How To Travel With A Dog blog.

It Is Inevitable

There have been numerous instances brought to my attention in which establishments, including as restaurants and hotels, have falsely represented themselves as welcoming canines on their own websites and or social media pages. As per How To Travel With A Dog blog.  When in doubt, one should always inquire. Never make the assumption that dogs are permitted or not permitted.

No Pets Allowed Notice

It is a good idea to look for a sign that says No Pets Allowed or a notice that says Pet Friendly, but regardless of whether or not a location has either of these signs, it is always smart to double-check. You can avoid a lot of wasted time, mental anguish, and physical frustration by simply sending an email or giving someone a brief call. As per How To Travel With A Dog blog.

 Make Copies Of Any Documents

As per How To Travel With A Dog blog .For instance, I was taken aback to find out that dogs are permitted inside the majority of the retail malls in Rio de Janeiro, which was a wonderful surprise for me. Who would’ve guessed. Make copies of any documents that pertain to your pet.

As per How To Travel With A Dog blog .You will need to have the veterinary records for your dog on hand if you intend to travel internationally or across international borders (sort of like us humans and our passports).

Essential Pieces Of Evidence

These are essential pieces of evidence proving your pet is in good health and has received all of the recommended vaccinations. If officials request to see them, they will either keep the originals or make a copy of them, depending on who you deal with. In the event that you find yourself in a situation where you need to find a new veterinarian while traveling, you will be able to give that professional with your animal companion’s complete medical history.

Complete Medical History

As per How To Travel With A Dog blog .For all of these reasons, I make it a point to carry numerous copies of the medical records and contact information for my dogs’ veterinarian with me at all times. This includes a digital copy stored on my phone as well as physical copies kept in the bag I carry with me during the day.

 Use Dog-Friendly Applications

When traveling with your dog, there are a variety of apps that can be of use to you. When I used to backpack throughout the world without my iPhone, this task was a lot more difficult for me. Among my favorites are the following.  All Trails is where you’ll find the most comprehensive collection of trail maps (over 50,000). As per How To Travel With A Dog blog.

 Restaurants That Are Pet-Friendly

You may look through images and reviews, and you can even filter your search by dog-friendly routes, which will tell you which treks you and your dog can go on. Bring Fido is the equivalent of Yelp for the world of dogs. Bring Fido is a mobile application that assists users in locating nearby hotels, activities, and restaurants that are pet-friendly.


Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid, developed by the American Red Cross, is an application that not only assists you in locating the animal hospital that is closest to you but also offers detailed instructions for

handling frequent pet crises.

 Skip Hotel Fees

There are a lot of hotels that will accommodate your pet for an additional fee. The one-time fee might be anything between $50 and $250, and the daily rate can be anywhere from $10 to $50 on average. These supplemental expenditures quickly pile up, which drives up the total cost of your vacation and puts strain on your finances. If you reserve a room at a hotel that charges a pet fee of $50 per night, the total cost of your stay will be an additional $350.

Any Additional Fees

However, there are some hotel chains that will allow you to bring your pets along without charging you any additional money for doing so. These hotels won’t ask for any additional fees, deposits, or one-time payments. When planning your next trip, give one of these hotels some thought and consider staying there. Some of my top picks for pet-friendly hotels that don’t charge extra.

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