TikTok, the Chinese-owned app formerly called musical.Ly, is difficult to keep away from these days. Now owned by the determined organization Bytedance, it’s one of the fastest-growing social media apps internationally. So, whether you’re considering beginning a TikTok advertising and marketing approach in 2022 or trying to finetune an existing one, there is certain TikTok information which you want to realize. (buy tiktok followers uk)

Knowing TikTok data, just like the platform’s wide variety of customers and demographics, can help you craft a practical and hit approach.  We’re right here to get you nicely equipped, so examine on to find out about the pinnacle TikTok stats all entrepreneurs want to recognize this year.

How many humans are on TikTok?

In September 2022, TikTok introduced it had reached 1000000000 energetic users globally, with 142.2 million users in North America. Not only is it a milestone that few other social networks have achieved, but it has done it in only 4.9 years. In assessment, Facebook generally referred to as the king of social media, took 8.7 years to reach a billion users. Only another platform, Facebook Messenger, got to the one-billion milestone faster (in 4. Nine years) and most straightforward via a small margin. 

TikTok’s growth has been remarkable, and the numbers say it all. At the start of January 2018, the platform had fifty-five million customers. In different phrases, it could develop its variety of customers by more than 18x in under four years. 

TikTok demographics: How old are humans on TikTok?

Now that you know simply what number of people are on TikTok, understanding their demographics will let you finetune your TikTok advertising strategy. The reality that TikTok tends to be greater famous among Gen Z isn’t a mystery. But how many TikTok users are Gen Z? The modern TikTok consumer facts show that there are 386.6 million TikTok users elderly 18 to 24 and that they make up a whopping forty-three—seven per cent of the platform’s users worldwide—the most important of all age businesses. 

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The 2d-biggest age variety that TikTok customers fall into is from 25 to 34, which makes up the bulk of the millennial age range. This institution accounts for 282 million TikTok users, or 31—nine per cent of the whole. These TikTok person records also show that the older the demographic, the less likely they will be to use TikTok. Here’s a breakdown of all TikTok customers’ age demographics.

  • 18 to 24: 386.6 million (forty-three. seven per cent)
  • 25 to 34: 282 million (31.9 per cent)
  • 35 to 44: one hundred fifteen.5 million customers (13 per cent)
  • forty-five to fifty-four: fifty-seven. 1 million customers (6.4 per cent)
  • 55 and above: 30.5 million customers (three. four per cent)

Who makes use of TikTok more—guys or ladies?

In terms of gender demographics, TikTok person information shows that there are more girl TikTok customers than men globally. Fifty-seven per cent of TikTok’s customers worldwide discover as a girl, with the final 43 per cent identifying as male. If you plan to consult those TikTok statistics whilst crafting TikTok commercials, you should not forget to search for numbers that are particular to your target marketplace. 

For example, inside the United States, girl TikTok users stand at 62.1 per cent, while males make up 37. Nine per cent. TikTok customers in the United Kingdom, on the other hand, are made up of fifty-nine. Seven perper centre and forty.Three percentage men. buy tiktok followers uk

What united states of America is TikTok popular in?

With one billion users worldwide, it’s clear that TikTok customers are scattered across many exclusive continents and countries. But in which are they, in general, placed? Recent TikTok stats display that Southeast Asia is domestic to most people of TikTok users, with 226.8 million of them placed there. North America follows this with 142.2 million, and South America with 119.8 million.

Looking at specific countries, the facts indicate that the US has the maximum TikTok users. At 131 million, more significant than ten per cent of global TikTok users are located there. Here’s a study of the countries TikTok is famous in and the variety of customers there are:

  • United States: 131 million
  • Indonesia: ninety two.1 million
  • Brazil: seventy four.1 million
  • Russia: fifty four.9 million
  • Mexico: 46 million 

How regularly has TikTok been downloaded?

TikTok has been downloaded extra than three. Five billion instances as of January 2021. It became the top downloaded app in 2022 and the 5th app ever (and the simplest one now not owned by Meta) to reach this milestone.  That’s no longer all. TikTok has been accomplishing over 10 million downloads, consistent with the area for the beyond nine quarters. And it has additionally been leading the download charts zone after zone due to the fact early. TikTok’s global overall performance is mirrored within the United States, where it’s been the pinnacle downloaded app for a reason in the first sector of 2022. 

How popular is TikTok? 

The above-referred TikTok records are evidence of its popularity amongst social media customers. But simply, how does it stack up towards other social media structures? Ranked using the number of lively world customers, TikTok is presently the sixth-most famous social network globally. Ahead of it are:

  • Facebook: 2. Nine billion users
  • YouTube: 2.6 billion customers
  • WhatsApp: 2 billion users
  • Instagram: 1.5 billion customers
  • WeChat: 1.3 billion users
  • TikTok: 1 billion users

But with analysts forecasting that TikTok will surpass 1.5 billion energetic customers this 12 months, it’d be counted of time before TikTok breaks into the top five.

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How long do human beings spend on TikTok?

Experts say that in 2022, US customers are predicted to spend a median of 38 minutes on TikTok daily. In assessment, they’re anticipated to spend 35 mins on Twitter and 31 minutes on Facebook. These are the most effective three social media networks on which US adults are set to spend extra than 1/2 an hour a day.  Even though TikTok tops the charts this year, it’s still minutes shorter than US customers’ time on the platform in 2021. This is probably due to the pandemic restrictions being more relaxed in 2022. 

How speedy is TikTok developing?

Despite competing towards Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, TikTok’s expected to be the fastest-developing social media channel amongst marketers in 2022. Its utilization is set to boom by way of 40 per cent this year, compared to 32 per cent for Instagram and 29 per cent for YouTube. Experts characteristic this to the popularity of short-form video content material expected to rank most of the top social media trends this yr.

Do humans shop on TikTok?

If making money on TikTok is considered one of your commercial enterprise desires, this is one TikTok statistic you need to pay close interest to. 20.6 per cent of customers who buy products over social media say they accomplish that all the time on TikTok, making it the platform with the highest percentage of everyday social consumers. In assessment, just sixteen. Six per cent of social media shoppers say they continually buy things on YouTube, even as sixteen. Four per cent accomplish that on Instagram. Moreover, sixty-seven per cent of TikTok users say they sense it stimulated to keep even when they weren’t looking to achieve this. 

How lots money does TikTok make?

Given TikTok’s reputation and the developing variety of energetic customers, it ought to be no surprise that its revenue is inside the billions.Recent statistics on TikTok information show that it’s anticipated to triple its advert revenues this yr to hit close to $12 billion, making up 1.9 per cent of the total virtual ad spend internationally. US groups are anticipated to be chargeable for extra than 1/2 of this. 

Over the beyond 12 months, TikTok has laboured challenging to boost its marketing merchandise and offerings because it is trying to draw more excellent manufacturers to market on its platform.  TikTok’s ad sales are set to continue growing over a subsequent couple of years and are forecast to double its 2022 sales and hit $23.Fifty-eight billion by using. 

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How many influencers are on TikTok?

If influencer advertising is part of your enterprise approach, then TikTok is one platform on which you must no longer be lacking.  According to current TikTok stats, 50,000 influencers (described as having over 1,000 followers) are on its platform. Here’s how they’re distributed in line with follower matter:

  • 1,000 to ten,000 fans: 15 percentage
  • 10,000 to 50,000 followers: sixteen per cent
  • 50,000 to 500,000 fans: 29 per cent
  • 500,000 to a million fans: 4 percentage
  • More than one million followers: 36 per cent

What’s TikTok’s engagement rate?

Given their large following, it could be tempting to collaborate with mega influencers (defined as people with over a million fans). Still, statistics indicate that this could not be the unique approach if your purpose is to pressure engagement. Mega influencers on TikTok have an average engagement charge of 4. Ninety-six per cent. This is substantially higher than what mega influencers on Instagram and YouTube manipulate, with engagement rates of one. Twenty-one per cent and zero. Thirty-seven per cent, respectively.

That said, mega influencers on TikTok have the bottom engagement rate amongst all of the extraordinary levels of TikTok influencers. Those between half 1,000,000 and 1,000,000 fans have a 6.2 per cent engagement charge, which rises similarly to six—sixty-seven per cent for influencers with 100,000 to half 1,000,000 fans. At 17.96 per cent, TikTok influencers with underneath 15,000 followers produce the best engagement prices.

Use of TikTok in influencer campaigns

With such magnificent numbers, it’s no wonder the platform is now the second one-maximum popular network manufacturers use for influencer advertising.  In 2022, 45 per cent of brands used TikTok for influencer advertising campaigns, simply in the back of Instagram with 68 per cent. This is considerable because only 12 months ago, so few businesses were using it that it didn’t even warrant a mention with the aid of experts.

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Most popular hashtags on TikTok

Whether on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, hashtags are an element and parcel of social media enjoyment, and TikTok is no exception to this. Using hashtags on your posts enables you to increase their attain and discoverability, which, in flip, boosts brand cognizance. TikTok’s top 100 hashtags in 2021 had been utilized in as many as 25 million movies.  The reputation of TikTok hashtags tends to ebb and glide, relying on the lifespan of their corresponding trends. But some have caught around. According to to investigate, those are some of the most famous hashtags on TikTok and the wide variety of times the movies with those hashtags were watched.

Most popular customers on TikTok

You’ll examine from the fine if you’re serious about getting your TikTok method right. This starts with knowing who the maximum of the only billion TikTok customers is following. According to modern numbers, 18-yr-vintage Charli D’Amelio is the maximum famous person on TikTok, with over 140 million followers. She became the first TikToker ever to reach 50 million followers—a milestone she hit in only seven months. Khabar Lame, an Italian social media personality, ranks second, with 137.3 million fans.