TLet’s be honest: how many of you occasionally cut something other than your nails with the nail scissor you keep in your bathroom? If you were in the restroom and needed to remove a string tag off of some new garments, what would you do? What could be more straightforward than that one little clip or nail scissor?

Follow the Tricks

Put that clipper somewhere out of sight, so that only you will be aware that it is there in case you need to cut some string. Then you should go to NailScissor and purchase a genuine nail scissor that you should only use on your nails. Under no circumstances should you ever, ever, ever use a cheap fake nail clipper on your nails or skin!

Those individuals who treasure ease of use and a brisk grooming experience will find those nail clippers are certainly among the finest grooming products that have ever been developed. Although they were first developed in the late 19th century. Today they are the most common type of personal grooming product used in homes. On the other hand, not every nail clipper is the same.


On the market, there is a significantly greater selection of nail clippers priced between $3 and $5. Furthermore, utilizing a nail clipper of poor quality is not only risky but also expensive. After about three or four usages, an ordinary set of inexpensive nail clippers, assuming they have survived that long, will become dull and jagged. The typical person may send fifty dollars’ worth of unsanitary, used clippers to a landfill each and every year. Or, they could spend thirty dollars one time on NailScissor to have a nail clipper made in Solingen of good quality and have it last the rest of their lives.

The distinction lies in the steel itself as well as the manufacturing process. Solingen steel is a high-carbon steel that does not corrode over the course of its lifetime and maintains its edge for decades. The use of stronger steel enables clippers to be handled in a manner that is easier and more ergonomically sound. It also enables clippers to be tailored for youngsters and for the toughest and most thickly grown toenails. Nail clippers of lower grade tend to crush the nails rather than cutting them.

And how many times have a pair of nail clippers fallen apart in your hand while you were trimming your nails, putting you in danger? This is a result of mass production as well as inexpensive building techniques. Examine the finer points of the professional nail nippers that are sold at NailScissor. These nail nippers are hand-assembled and riveted, and they do not contain any inexpensive hooks.


Nippers are more exact than lever-shaped trimmers, although lever-shaped trimmers (also known as normal nail clippers) provide faster and more convenient nail clipping. By pressing the lever in a downward and straight motion, you can bring the blades closer together and make the cut.

By compressing the two handles of plier-shaped trimmers, also known as nail nippers, you can get a little higher level of precision.

Heavy-Duty Clippers

Heavy-duty clippers, often known as toenail clippers, are designed to cut through nails that are particularly strong or thick. These clippers are typically reserved for cutting toenails, but they are also available in the event that you require them for your fingernails. Also these clippers are made of very robust steel. Convex blades, which are curled inward, work best on fingernails, whereas concave blades, which are rounded outward, work best on toenails.

A useful piece of advice that the vast majority of specialists will give you is to cut your toenails straight across, rather than cutting into the skin so that some of the nails remain visible. This is especially true for the corners, which, if cut too deeply, might result in a foot infection and/or ingrown toenails if they are not properly maintained. Toenail clippers and nippers made of stainless steel and built for professional use are among the many options available from NailScissor. Toenails and toenail nippers might be difficult to manage at times.