Do you find it difficult to perform Umrah with your kids? No, it’s not difficult if you plan it properly. Your Umrah journey completely depends upon your preparation and planning. If you have planned and adequately prepared your Umrah journey then you will not find any kind of difficulty whether you are going with your kids or alone. So, must prepare and plan your Umrah journey before going to perform it with your kids.

Planning properly is important with kids because kids need more attention and care if they are newborns. On the other hand, if they are more than seven years old then they must need to understand how they have to perform Umrah. Allah Almighty has fixed the minor rules for kids to perform Umrah. So, if your kids are sensible then they will understand the rules and regulations of performing the Umrah journey. Moreover, if you are going with your family then you must avail of the group Umrah packages from Rehmantours.

5 Tips To Perform Umrah With Kids

There are some tips that you need to follow if you are going to perform Umrah with your kids. Following these tips can make your Umrah journey more comfortable and convenient. People find it a difficult task when they are going t perform the Umrah journey with kids. But we make sure that after reading this article, your Umrah journey with kids is going to be very easy and simple for you. Rehmantours have family Umrah packages 2022 for you. So, let us look at these tips.

Observe The Behavior Of Your Child

Start observing the behavior of your child 4 to 5 days before going on the Umrah journey. Note their sleep and hunger timings. You must know what time your baby will sleep and what is the time of their meal. If you know about these two things then it will help you shortly when you are performing Umrah in Mecca.

The behavioral patterns of your children will help you to make their schedule. This schedule will not disturb you with your kids. Hence, this Umrah journey will be peaceful for you. Furthermore, you must know that your children behave when they are in a crowd. In this way, you can better understand their behavior while performing the Umrah journey. Avail the group Umrah packages for you and your family with Rehmantours.

Give The Concept Of Umrah To Your Child

The significance of the Umrah journey increases when you perform Umrah with your family and kids. It can be quite challenging for you if you are unable to plan it while if your planning is perfect then you can perform it easily without any difficulty. If your child is sensible and can understand things then you should let him know about the rituals and significance of the Umrah journey.

It will be quite suitable if you recommend religious books related to the Umrah pilgrimage. They will read the books and will get complete guidance about Umrah and its rituals as well. Moreover, when they will perform the rituals of Sai and Tawaf then they will come to know about the importance of struggle and journey. Group Umrah Packages will be perfect for you to perform Umrah with your family.

Get Your Children Vaccinated

Vaccination of children is an important thing when you are going to perform Umrah with your kids. If your baby is less than 6 months then this vaccination becomes more necessary. The parents themselves should also be properly vaccinated along with the kids. After vaccination, you get a fever of two to three days. So, keeping in view this concept, get vaccinated a week before your flight.

In this way, you will recover from the fever in one week and you will be stable at the time of flight of your Umrah journey. Hence, vaccination of yourself and your kid is important while going to perform the Umrah journey. Umrah packages 2022 is there for you. Avail of them as soon as possible.

Keep A Carry Stroller For Your Kids

Carrying a small kid while covering long distances can be a challenging task for you on your Umrah trip. For making this difficult task easier, you can take a carry stroller with you. Although carry strollers are not allowed in Masjid-Al-Haram and Masjid-Al Nabawi. But still, it will be helpful for you in the compound areas.

Moreover, when you go to perform Ziayarat, you can carry your kid in the carry stroller. In this way, you will feel easy with your kid.

Carry A Bag For Your Baby Essentials

We know that are a  lot of essentials for your baby. You are unable to carry all these essentials without a baby bag. If you carry a single bag with you then it can cover all the essentials of your baby. You will be worrying about the things that your baby can need anytime and at any place. These essentials include diapers, feeders, baby wipes, medication, a small baby blanket, toys, and edibles for your kid. All these things are never for your kid. So, keep it with you. Furthermore, get the Umrah packages 2022 from Rehmantours.

 Rules Of Umrah Journey For Minors

It is for parents who want to take their kids with them when they are going to perform the Umrah journey. There are some rules for minors who are performing the Umrah pilgrimage. Let us discuss the rules which are fixed by Allah Almighty for minors.

  • The dress of your child must comply with the dress of Ihram. The dress of the kid should be appropriate for Ihram’s clothing.
  • Make sure that your kids are not going to break the rules of Ihram. Let them know about the rules of Ihram before going to perform Umrah.
  • Parents can perform the ritual of Tawaf and Sai on the behalf of their children. And they can hold the kids while performing these rituals.
  • If your kid breaks any of the rules of Ihram unintentionally then you don’t need to give any penalties. On the other hand, if they break the rules intentionally then the parents must have to pay Dam or Fidyah on the behalf of their children.

What Is The Age Limit For Performing Umrah?

The minimum age limit for the performance of the Umrah journey is 7 years. If your child is seven years old and sensible enough to understand the rules and rituals of the Umrah journey then he or she can perform Umrah with you. But if they are less than 7 years old then they are not eligible for performing Umrah. Although they can accompany their parents along with this spiritual journey. Furthermore, the kids must be vaccinated properly before coming to Mecca to perform Umrah. The Saudi Arabia government has allowed children 12 years old to perform the Umrah journey.

Furthermore, there is an opportunity for you from Rehmantours. Group Umrah Packages are available for you. These Umrah packages have the best facilities for you. You can avail of these deals and make your Umrah journey quite comfortable, memorable, and peaceful as well.


In short, performing Umrah with kids can be easier for you if you are planning it properly. After reading this article, you must be able to know which tips you need to follow when performing Umrah with kids. It will be beneficial for you. Must follow these tips when you plan Umrah with your kids. We wish you a stroke of very good luck on your Umrah journey.

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