There are a number of applications out there that you can use to track coronavirus symptoms. From contact tracing apps to symptom tracking and Crush COVID RI, these apps can help you get an idea of what is happening to you. And when you use a symptom tracking app, you can also have access to information that you can use to find a doctor if you are experiencing complications.

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Coronavirus Symptoms Apps

Coronavirus Symptoms Apps provide an easy way to track and measure the spread of the virus. Not only are they useful to public health officials, but they also help citizens and medical personnel manage the disease. Designed for both mobile and desktop devices, these apps can be customized to suit any organization’s specific needs. Featuring a range of contact tracing tools, these apps can help you document the most important information. These tools can help reduce the spread of the virus by providing information on where the outbreaks are, and advising on which users to avoid.

The COVID symptom tracker identifies the most common symptoms and documents them in detail. Using this app, scientists can create a heat map of where the most cases of the disease occur. This is a particularly useful feature, since it allows researchers to monitor the highest risk areas, as well as identify the best locations for public health education and testing.

Coronavirus Contact Tracing Apps

If you are looking for a way to trace contacts and stay updated about COVID-19, there are several contact tracing apps and dashboards available for you. You can use these to stay informed and help save lives. However, there are some key ethical and legal considerations to keep in mind.

One of the most important considerations for contact tracing apps is privacy. In recent years, people have raised concerns about the privacy implications of systems that track users’ locations. This has led to a decrease in public trust in these applications.

Although these apps are meant to provide faster and more effective solutions, they still need to be able to handle data responsibly. Contact tracing apps must be designed with privacy in mind, as users can be exposed to snoopers.


The Crush COVID RI app and dashboard is on the radar of health officials in Rhode Island. While the state has not yet declared a coronavirus outbreak, the app is the latest and greatest in a long line of mobile healthcare gizmos. The Crush CVID RI app and dashboard will help in the fight against this emerging disease. A second edition is in the works. Hopefully this will be a one-two punch. With the requisite luck, Rhode Island will avenge the coronavirus and return to the status quo ante. After all, it was the state that was responsible for bringing this nascent disease to the attention of the public.

There are a handful of apps worth checking out for this statewide health disaster, but the above mentioned Crush COVID RI app and Dashboard is the sexiest. This nirvana is available in English and Spanish and is the only app in the state to boast a full scale mobile lab, complete with a dedicated pathologist, laboratory technician and nursing assistant.


The COVIDSafe app is a mobile application that can be downloaded to iOS or Android communication devices. It is used to assist state and territory health officials in contact tracing for people who may have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

Users can submit information about their health and symptoms. These data are encrypted and cannot be read by other people. After a period of time, the data is deleted. However, users have the option of submitting invalid mobile numbers. This also removes them from the list of data.

The Department of Health has been tasked with maintaining the National COVIDSafe Data Store (NCDS) as the data storage administrator. DSA has adopted a partially automated process to handle data deletion requests.