Today, many expensive and beautiful phones are worth using. They are easy to use and make people feel good. Let’s look at the world’s top most expensive phones.

Most Expensive Smartphones

We live in a society that is focused on technology. Smartphones are almost everywhere. Even though it seems like most phones are the same except for how they work, some are different. Following is the list of the most expensive smartphones of the world that will cost you an arm and a leg and only billionaires would be able to afford them. They combine design and functionality in truly unique ways, and they are for tech lovers who want the best.

  1. Goldvish Le Million
  2. The Diamond Crypto Smartphone
  3. The iPhone 3G King’s Button
  4. iPhone 3GS Goldstriker Supreme
  5. iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition
  6. Gold iPhone 4S Elite
  7. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond

1.    Goldvish Le Million – $13,000,000

Goldvish is on the top of the list with this dagger-shaped phone. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is the most costly phone in the world. The body has 18-karat white gold and 120 carats of diamonds.

2.     Diamond Crypto Smartphone: $1,300,000

Peter Aloisson, who is from Austria, was the one who made the Diamond Crypto. At the time of its release, it cost more than any other mobile device. The logo and the home button are rose gold on a platinum body. The sides are premium Macassar Ebony wood. The phone’s name comes from two of its features:

  • It has 50 diamonds, including ten rare blue diamonds.
  • It has encryption technology that keeps all of its data safe.

3.     The $3,000,000 iPhone 3G King’s Button

The King’s Button is another design by Aloisson. It is created from 18-karat yellow, white, and rose gold. It may be his most widely recognized work. The white gold is in the shape of a strip that goes around the phone and has 138 diamonds set into it. What makes this phone stand out is the King’s Button, a 6.6-carat diamond that takes the place of the home button.

4.     Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme – $3.2 million

The Goldstriker is similar to the King’s Button in many ways. However, it takes those similarities to a new level. For one thing, British designer Stuart Hughes made the phone out of 22-karat gold and studded it with 136 diamonds. He used another 53 diamonds to make the Apple logo. Again, a diamond takes the place of the home button, but this one is huge at 7.1 carats. And if that was not impressive enough, the phone is enclosed in a box made of granite with embellishments of leather and Kashmir gold.

5.     $8 Million for the iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition

It is another piece made by Stuart Hughes. There are only two like it in the world. The phone is made of rose gold and has 500 diamonds that add up to 100 carats. The Apple logo also has 53 diamonds. As with the last two, this phone has a diamond instead of a home button. In place of a white diamond, though, this one features a 7.4-carat pink one.

6.     $9.4 Million for an iPhone 4S Elite Gold

It is Stuart Hughes’ third appearance on the list of most costly phones, putting him within striking distance of the top spot. This phone is handmade. It has 500 diamonds that add up to 100 carats around the edge. The logo also has 53 diamonds. Also, this one is even better than his last two because the home button is a beautiful 8.6-carat diamond. The 7.6-carat diamond in the phone’s home button is available as a spare. Its box puts this phone over the top. It is made of platinum and topped with polished pieces of Tyrannosaurus Rex bone and many rare gemstones, such as opals and charoite.

7.     Falcon Supernova $48.5 million for the iPhone 6 Pink Diamond

This custom iPhone was first made in 2004. Though other, cheaper phones have appeared in the market, this one is still the most costly. Its competitors have more complex designs. Thus this one stands out for its simplicity. The main feature is a large pink diamond set into the back panel. Even though this phone is not as fancy as, say, one of Stuart Hughes’s phones, its rarity makes it more than five times as expensive as the second most expensive phone.