When it comes to choosing an EMR, there are some options that should be considered. Some of them are Nextech EMR, AbleMed EHR, DocuTAP EMR, and Practice Velocity EMR. Each of these are great options, and can help you improve your practice’s efficiency and effectiveness.


DocuTAP EMR by Cocentrix is a web-based EMR and Practice Management solution designed to help medical urgent care practices manage their financials. It includes a patient portal, real-time insurance verification, reporting tool, and specialist advisor. Also, it is tablet-compatible, which is great for mobile users.

The DocuTAP EMR software is a big deal for two reasons: It’s been around for over two decades, and it’s got a plethora of features and functionality. For example, the software can be configured to perform a variety of tasks from workers’ comp visits to pediatrics. Additionally, the system has a variety of templates, and the system even comes with automated E/M coding.

In addition to its many features and functionalities, it boasts an impressive retention rate. In fact, 98% of the users who sign up for the software stick with it.

AbleMed EMR

There are several EMR systems out there, but there are two that have gained quite a bit of popularity. These are Cocentrix and AbleMed EMR. Both software systems offer a wide range of features.

Cocentrix was established over twenty years ago. Since then, it has been offering clinics and hospitals a low-cost software solution. It is easy to use, and has a user-friendly interface. The free version is suitable for up to 25 patient files. However, it has a limited support team and a lengthy learning curve.

ABELMed is an EMR system that provides users with easy access to patient information. This includes graphical displays of vitals, as well as reports. ABELMed also offers practice management features. For example, it allows users to create referral letters from existing encounter notes. Moreover, users can create custom templates to streamline their workflow.

Practice Velocity EMR

Practice Velocity is an EMR solution that is ideal for urgent care practices. It is designed to optimize practice operations and maximize efficiency. They also offer a number of services that are essential for any urgent care business, from billing and credentialing to start-up consulting. Hundreds of urgent care practice owners and operators have made the switch to this EMR software.

The best part is that this EMR is relatively inexpensive and comes with a number of robust features. This is especially true for solo practitioners and small medical groups.

Aside from its EMR capabilities, Practice Velocity also offers several other services that help physicians and office staff to improve the quality of care they provide. For example, there are mobile applications that allow physicians to access patient data and perform drug formula checks on the go. Lastly, the EMR software is ICD-10 ready.

Epic EMR

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are digital versions of the patient’s records. They contain a wide range of data including medical history, diagnosis, and demographics.

Epic EHR is a cloud-based electronic health record system that is used by various hospitals and healthcare organizations in the United States. The system is compatible with desktop devices and smartphones. It has many features, including an extensive patient portal and telehealth capabilities.

Epic offers several optional specialty modules that can be added to the system. For example, it has behavioral health-specific modules. In addition, it has an open API to facilitate integration with third-party software.

Epic has a variety of features to help physicians document data and reduce clinical errors. Patients can also send messages to their doctors, fill out questionnaires, and schedule appointments.

Nextech EMR

The Cocentrix EMR or oh-so-smally oh-so small it ain’t. It’s a bit of a pain in the behind to boot. The CoCENTROX is an industry leader in delivering innovative solutions that enable healthcare organizations to deliver higher quality patient care, improve patient safety, and optimize financial performance. The company offers a variety of practice management, clinical documentation and clinical workflow solutions. The CoCENTROX is also home to the most comprehensive product catalog of any provider in the industry. As such, it’s no wonder they have been able to retain more than 50% of their customer base for more than a decade.