It is not a secret that electric scooters have swept the world by storm. If we look at their major pros, electric scooters are an outstanding last-mile mobility solution. If we look at the cons of electric scooters, there are some issues with safety as a rider has to stand on a very narrow deck. On the other hand, electric scooters use clean energy, are economical when it comes to the electric scooty price, and so on.

Electric scooters are unquestionably far more environmentally friendly than regular gasoline or diesel vehicles. In addition, electric vehicles emit no exhaust fumes, which suggests that the air we breathe is free of pollution, relieving the pressure on hospitals, healthcare systems, and other institutions.

Electric scooters are frequently criticised for having limited charging capacity and kilometres per charge. In order to eliminate this obstacle, VIDA V1 introduces fast charging and portable charging. 0-80% in 65 minutes is impressive when it comes to charging a scooter effectively.

Because our bikes are 21-speed Treks with an electric hub in the rear wheel and concealed lithium-ion batteries, they are virtually unrecognisable as electric bikes because they range up to 60 miles. Since you won’t be travelling across the country with a scooter, a range of 40 to 100 miles is great, and its advantages are obvious. 

When “scooting” around with electric bikes or scooters, it is usually possible to find places where you can plug into a standard 120 outlet while shopping or eating, etc., so you may be able to extend your range to nearby towns and villages.

EVs have gained popularity as the world moves toward an eco-friendly society. Electric scooters are following suit. You will see multiple people using them if you take a walk in your neighbourhood. In this regard, convenience, as well as sustainability, has become very important.

The operating costs of electric scooters are fantastic. The average price of a gas bike is Rs.2 per kilometre, but an electric scooter costs just 60 paise. Some riders prefer to ride my electric scooter over their gasoline scooter. Their electric scooters can be used to commute locally, and their gas scooters can be used to travel farther.

Aside from being cost-friendly, easy to maintain, environment-friendly, and easy to store, electric scooters are also easy to park and store. The biggest benefit of an electric scooter is that you don’t need a license to drive it. Due to its compact size and ability to move in small spaces, you can skip traffic jams if you ride it. Additionally, it does not cause noise pollution as compared to motorbikes.

These days, electric scooters are getting more popular than ever before, and for a good reason. On the plus side, they offer a lot of conveniences. In addition, electric scooters prove great and effective if you want to cover shorter distances, making them great for commuting or running errands around town.


Electric scooters have many benefits, including their extremely convenient nature and minimal learning curve. The popularity of their music has grown worldwide over the last half-decade. Many consider them an alternative form of transport when travelling short distances in big cities. Several companies, including Smoosat, Apollo, and others, are making affordable electric scooty price points sustainable and safe ones.

No Licence Needed: 

Most countries worldwide do not require driver’s licences to use electric scooters, which is one of their main advantages. While driving, keep your discretion in mind.

Fewer emissions: 

Since they are electrical, they do not emit toxic emissions into the environment. Therefore, it contributes to the protection of the environment.

Improved air quality: 

During rush hours, when everyone is on their way to and from work, smog can be a serious problem in big cities. However, there is no air pollution when riding an e-scooter.

Convenient parking: 

One of the benefits of using one is that they are easy to park.

Cost per mile: 

An electric scooter’s cost per mile are magnitudes less than those of a car over the long term.  

They are fun: 

Finally, they are fun to use. In contrast to a car or bicycle, bicycles and scooters are not toys, but they are much more enjoyable to ride for many people.

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