Are you facing space issue? If yes then loft conversion is a best way to create an extra space in your house.  You can utilize the space by making an extra bedroom in your house. Loft conversation has incredible benefits which are given below:

Extra Space:

You are worried because your family is growing and you need an extra space. There is no need to take any stress because Loft Conversion in Chelmsford provides you space which you can utilize for the relaxation. Loft conversion also provides you with the storage space where you can assemble your extra items.

Save money for a longer time period:

Moving to a new house is your ultimate dream, but for the most the people it become stressful due the less time and money to reach out their dream. loft conversion is alternative option which is quicker, cheaper and less time taking. It will help you to make your dreams true.

Energy Efficiency:

Loft conversion is relatively energy efficient. A loft had large windows which would be benefit for the natural lighting. It provides protection and energy efficiency to the rest of your home. Your loft conversion could be benefit from the energy efficiency and additional insulation.

What are the types of loft Conversion?

Roof light/Velux Conversion

A roof light loft conversion is one of the easiest and least expensive conversions. It’s ideal for smaller areas, such as those that simply need one extra bedroom or a new home office. While adding roof lights, the current loft space is only preserved. In addition, it might be necessary to install stairs and fortify the current floor.

Dormer Conversion

As one of the simplest and most cost-effective types of loft conversion available, a flat roof dormer conversion is a favorite choice among many homeowners.

A dormer loft conversion extends vertically from the sloping portion of the roof and use regular windows as opposed to skylights. They can cover the entire width of the roof, or merely have a number of smaller dormer windows positioned at regular intervals. Its box-like construction creates an easy-to-use space with level ceilings and walls, thereby increasing headroom. Although they are not usually aesthetically beautiful compared to other types of conversion, they may fall under the category of allowed development.

 Loft Conversion Chelmsford

A gabled dormer with a pitched roof, as opposed to a flat roof, is more aesthetically pleasing, but may be a bit more expensive and restrict inside headroom.

Hip to gable loft conversion

Those seeking loft conversion ideas for bungalows or semi-detached homes consider a hip-to-gable loft conversion. The original roof is removed and the end wall is raised to create a new gable with a regular pitch roof. This offers an interior space with ample headroom. This additional vertical wall allows for the addition of typical window apertures for natural light.

Mansard Conversion

A mansard loft conversion is great for period homes and loft conversions on terraced homes, as it is comparable to adding a complete new floor at home. Consider that the party wall between houses will typically need to be elevated and that appropriate agreements will be necessary. For getting the Albino RA Mansard Loft conversion Chelmsford will provide you with the best loft conversion services.

  • L-Shaped

For homes that have previously had the rear extended, L-shaped loft conversions are the ideal solution. If you want to utilise your loft conversion as a bedroom with a separate bathroom and include ample storage space as well, this sort of loft conversion is great.

Do I need permission for the Loft Conversion?

You don’t need to get planning permission for the loft conversion every time but you tend to get the permission under PD Permitted Development right.  You do not require permission under the following conditions.

  • It must not add volume of 40 cubic meters for the terraced home and 50 cubic meter to the other existing roof space,
  • The height of roof loft conversion must not exceed under the permitted development rights.
  • Balconies and Verandas do not require any permission but Juliet balconies need permission under permitted development.

Do I need to hire an Architect for a loft conversion?

It is advisable to hire an designer or an architect rather than doing a loft conversion by yourself. Finding the professional architect for the project is key. Choosing a designer or architect will undertaken the similar schemes in your area.

How much it will cost for a loft conversion?

Loft conversion cost vary according to the design and type of Loft Conversion in Bexley . The average cost of loft conversion is between £18,000-£65,000.

How many days loft conversion take?

The average time for the loft conversion is between six to ten weeks depending on the size of the project.