Borderline Personality disorder is a dangerous mental health disorder. If it is found in your relative, friend, family member or in yourself then you must take him to the doctor and you also need to visit a doctor for proper check up and proper treatment. You should take it seriously, don’t take any risk regarding borderline personality disorder. There are many symptoms and causes of borderline personality disorder which are mentioned in the previous article. In this article we will guide you about treatments of borderline personality disorder. We will briefly guide you about its treatment, how to keep safe yourself from it or how you could reduce it.

How to diagnose borderline personality disorder?

When you feel symptoms or you feel changes in your behavior then you should immediately diagnose the problem. Accordignt to adhd psychiatrist near me, There are many ways of diagnosing the problem you can use these methods and then diagnose. Sometimes this has started in childhood so that is why doctors and psychiatrists can’t diagnose it before 18 years of age. If these symptoms are in childhood then it is also possible that there may be any other mental health disorder of these symptoms. Diagnosing borderline personality disorder by oneself is so difficult because the person who is affected by borderline personality disorder has ruined his personality so badly. So that is why that person should visit a licensed mental health psychiatrist. After checking Your medical history, previous work  and discussion, a doctor or psychiatrist can diagnose that you are effected by borderline personality disorder or any other mental disorder. 

When to see a doctor?

When you see some symptoms in yourself or you faces Any incident and you are not getting out of that incident mentally, then first of all you need to control that by yourself but when you feel that you can’t control yourself, you can’t reduce it, you can’t stop it from increasing, there is no improvement, etc then you must go to a doctor or specialist immediately without wasting time. You should take a proper treatment as recommended by your ptsd psychiatrist near me and if you feel that there is no improvement or you are getting more sick day by day then there are chances of your mistake or carelessness. In this case it is better for you that in the beginning, go to a specialist and expert doctor.

Treatments of borderline personality disorder

There are so many treatments of borderline personality disorder but we will focus on some of those treatments. We will tell you about those treatments Which are more effective, and improve your health fastly. 


There are many types of psychotherapy. If you are affected by borderline personality disorder then you should have therapy. Therapy is an efficient way of treating borderline personality disorder and therapy helps you to get out of this disorder very soon. For psychotherapy, you need to make an appointment with a good specialist doctor and visit him. He will recommend a therapy which will be better for you and that is effective. In therapy, the main focus is on your issue and tries to reduce your disorder and helps you to improve your working and like this after some time you get completely fine. 

Now we will discuss about Those psychotherapies which are used for borderline personality disorder.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive therapy near me is used to take you closer to your goals. It is used to make you self-esteem that you can do this. You will do this, main focus is in these things. Due to this therapy, there is a positive change in your behavior and you accept the challenges and face them easily. 

Mentalisation-based therapy 

This is a therapy in which you are made to think again on your thoughts. The main focus of this therapy is on your thinking. Due to this therapy also, there are many positive changes in your behavior. If any person is going to do something wrong, due to this therapy he thinks about that at least once. And when he thinks that he is doing wrong then he stops himself from doing that wrong thing.

Dialectical behavior therapy 

This therapy is also for those persons who are affected by borderline personality disorder. There are two main factors in dialectical behavior therapy. One is about reducing and lowering your stress and reducing your anxiety, fear,etc. And 2nd one is to help you to grow according to the environment so that your emotions, feelings, etc stay good and positive in the environment. They try to help you to accept your emotions. Due to this therapy, there are also many positive changes in your behavior like if someone harms himself. After this therapy he does not do this. He doesn’t use abusive language anymore, and his behavior becomes good. 


Along with these therapy, you also keep taking those medicines which are recommended by your doctor or psychiatrist. Take medicines regularly on time. Mostly the medicines given or recommended in borderline personality disorder are for reducing and relieving stress, anxiety, depression, fear, etc. This increases your positivity and decreases your negativity.