We did not understand lots about Turkish food before our first trip to Turkey. Now, we’re satisfied that it is one of the first-class international locations inside the global for food, its greatness measured by using its diversity, sturdiness and the legacy left at the back of by means of the royal kitchens.

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We ate our manner via many areas of the united states and anywhere we went we found awesome Turkish food. Interesting dishes including Tasty Kebap, Borek, Sig Kofte and Kunefe open our eyes to the form of Turkish cuisine. It additionally made us experience like we have been just starting to scratch the surface of all of the scrumptious things this u . S . Has to offer.

Food-smart, Turkey still has a lot to explore. Looking at the map, I actually have nearly no idea where to start. If you’re journeying Turkey for the primary time, this list of 35 Traditional Turkish Dishes gives you an amazing area to start.

What Is Traditional Turkish Food?

Traditional Turkish delicacies has been defined as a continuation of the cuisine of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans combined Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Eastern European and Balkan cuisines to create one of the world’s maximum diverse and influential cuisines.

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Kebabs and lamb dishes characteristic prominently in Turkish delicacies, but dishes vary with the aid of vicinity. The west coast is well-known for its many olive-oil-based totally dishes, critical Anatolia for its hearty pastries, and cities and towns by the Black Sea for his or her abundance of sparkling fish.

If you’re going to Istanbul, you have to dine at Sia Sofrasi. It is helmed by Chef Musa Dagdeviren who serves difficult to understand yet traditional Turkish cuisine from one of a kind parts of the us of a. Eating in their eating place is like taking a culinary adventure through Turkey.

Turkish Breakfast

1. Menmen

Menmen is a traditional Turkish breakfast dish of scrambled eggs cooked in olive oil with tomatoes, inexperienced peppers and spices. It is similar to shaqsouka – a popular Maghrebi dish commonly eaten in North African nations which include Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco.

Menmen also can be made from onions, despite the fact that this is a be counted of dispute in Turkey. Some people like it with onions even as others trust that onions may be introduced simplest when it isn’t eaten for breakfast.

Like shakshuka, menmen is usually served with bread.

2. Catamere

Catmar refers to a savory Turkish pastry dish firstly from Gaziantep. This is a form of sweet borac made with crunchy phyllo dough, pistachios, melted butter and clotted cream.

Although catama can also be eaten for dessert, the locals of Gaziantep prefer to eat it for breakfast. They accept as true with that the pistachios inside the dish growth power degrees and assist reduce morning fatigue.

Catmar additionally performs a symbolic role in Turkish weddings. Traditionally, the groom’s father sends a caterer to the newlyweds and the bride’s parents the morning after the wedding. This reflects his desires for her to have a sweet marriage and a brief healing after an laborious ceremony.

Turkey Bread

3. Simito

Simit is one of the maximum famous Turkish meals in Istanbul. You will find it offered everywhere within the city from these pink street food carts.

Simit refers to a sort of bagel-like Turkish bread that is surrounded by seeds. It is normally made with sesame seeds, even though it is able to additionally be pro with poppy seeds, flax or sunflower seeds. It is a crunchy and chewy snack that can be eaten on its personal or with fruit preserves, cheese and traditional Turkish tea as part of a larger Turkish breakfast.

4. Ecma

If Simit sounds attractive to you, then you’ll simply want to try Ecma as properly. This refers to every other ring-shaped Turkish bread impregnated with sesame, cumin, or fennel seeds. Softer in texture than simit, they may be brushed with crushed egg yolk before baking and are often enjoyed as a snack with hot Turkish tea.

5. Bajalama

Bazlama is a sort of tender, leavened Turkish flatbread. Also referred to as “village bread”, it’s miles traditionally cooked on a heavy griddle over an open wood hearth. It is similar to naan bread however thicker and heavier, greater like a big crumpet.

Bajalama is usually eaten fresh. It can be loved with butter or olive oil for breakfast or it could be eaten as a sandwich full of sparkling veggies and diverse components like cheese.

6. Lebbleby

Lebblebi is a Turkish avenue food snack crafted from roasted chickpeas. They may be eaten plain or with salt, warm spices and dried cloves. In some cases, they may also be sweet-coated.

Leblebi is a popular snack in Turkey and other international locations of the Middle East along with Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Afghanistan.

7. Table Platters

No discussion on traditional Turkish food can be whole without speaking about the table.

Meaning “appetizer”, meze (or mezze) does now not discuss with a specific dish, but to smaller dishes traditionally served as starters or appetizers in Turkey, Greece, the Balkans, North Africa and components of the Middle East.Key, it usually includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes like purees, salads, meatballs, filled greens, pastries, dips, and cheeses.

Meze platters are often loved as snacks or appetizers and may be determined quite plenty everywhere in Turkey. Most conventional Turkish eating places serve it.

8. Pide

Pide refers to a type of boat-fashioned Turkish flatbread it really is baked in a brick or stone oven. Sometimes referred to as Turkish pizza, it may be topped with any wide variety of components like cheese, onion, pepper, tomato, sucuk (spicy Turkish sausage), and egg.

Pide is considered an important element of Turkish delicacies and may be determined everywhere, from take a seat-down restaurants to avenue meals carts. Personally, it’s one in every of my favored Turkish dishes.

9. Lahmacun

Like pide, lahmacun is one in all my favourite Turkish foods. Although it looks as if a skinny cheese-less pizza, it is in reality a sort of flatbread/wrap crowned with a ramification of different ingredients like minced meat (normally lamb or red meat), greens, pickles, herbs, onions, tomatoes, and spices.

To eat, you roll up the lahmacun with greens like pickles, peppers, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and roasted eggplant. It’s baked so it’s crisp around the rims and chewy towards the center, like a pizza. When completed properly, it is exceptionally delicious.