Nowadays, there are many models of freezers and refrigerator repair service, each with its own characteristics. At a time when the technological race is more important than ever, innovations are multiple and constant. So which device is right for you? We tell you everything. We know how to fix and provide professional service in Refrigerator repair service. We can repair and fix your refrigerator at home.

Multi-door refrigerators

Do you like combi fridges but don’t want to allocate half the space to the freezer? Then the multi-door or double-door refrigerator is for you. The double door makes it possible to combine design and ergonomics. The refrigerator, located on the entire upper part, offers ideal storage space. The freezer, generally located on the lower part, is intended to be practical without occupying half of the total space.

Stylish, this type of device has some useful options and configurations. Definitely, the type of refrigerator you need if you bet on storage capacity as the primary selection criterion.

Side-by-side refrigerator, or American fridge

The American fridge, modern and designed, offers a storage space (almost) equally divided between fridge and freezer. So, no lower bottom! The two doors occupy the entire height of the appliance. This type of refrigerator is generally more expensive, but also very practical!

Ideal appliance for cramped kitchens or apartments that do not have enough space for a freezer. Are you the frozen meal type? So don’t hesitate any longer, this is the fridge you need.

Counter-Depth Refrigerator

The main feature of the counter-depth refrigerator? It does not exceed the depth of your countertop. In itself, it optimizes the floor space of your kitchen while providing an integrated and modern look.

Where conventional refrigerators usually measure between 76 and 92 cm, the counter-depth refrigerator adapts to conventional kitchens to measure between 60 and 63 cm, approximately.

Refrigerators with top or bottom freezer

The most common and popular type of refrigerator and its kinds of refrigerator repair service. Very ergonomic, it offers a classic refrigeration space as well as a freezing unit placed above or below the refrigeration block (which takes up about a third or even a quarter of the space).

Its main advantage? Available in small or larger sizes, it is suitable for any type of kitchen and home. If you are not used to eating frozen, if you live alone or as a couple if your kitchen has limited floor space, this is the ideal option.

Compact refrigerator

Miniature refrigerator ideal for small spaces such as dorms or student rooms, it is suitable for bars, offices, and playrooms and offers incredible flexibility in its choice of location. Practicality itself!

Refrigerator without freezer

Ideal solution if you already have a freestanding chest (or upright) freezer. Significant space saving, many storage possibilities, an excellent option if you consume a lot of fresh produce.

Chest freezer

The chest freezer, as the name suggests, is a freezer without a refrigerator. Having a large storage capacity, however, it has the disadvantage of requiring a large floor space. In this sense, it is usually placed in a cellar or storeroom. The small advantage, however: it is slightly more efficient than an upright freezer since it retains the cold better.

upright freezer

Technically, an upright freezer works the same as a chest freezer. However, while it tends to have slightly less optimized technical characteristics, it has the huge advantage of requiring much less floor space. In addition, its ergonomics has the advantages of the refrigerator, such as shelves and storage in the door.

You now know the different types of refrigerators and freezers. Need to change refrigerator or refrigerator repair service? Do not hesitate to consult our online catalog.