In order to retain and attract foreign workers, the country faces mounting pressure Aside from oil, foreign workers have been the mainstays of the UAE’s recent success. Even though its oil reserves are among the best in the world (more than 111 million barrels), foreign labor is becoming increasingly difficult to find due to heightened global competition. Global Media Insights reported in March 2022 that the UAE’s 10.08 million population includes 8.92 million expatriates.


There Are Nearly Eight Expatriates Living In The UAE For Every UAE Citizen,

It is even more pronounced in the private sector where the UAE relies heavily on migrant talent. According to a 2015 Gulf Research Center report, only 0.5% of private-sector employees were Emiratis in 2013. There are three main groups of migrants: Indians, Pakistanis, and Filipinos.

Many of the Gulf country’s industries are facing mounting competition from other geographies for attracting and retaining migrant professionals as talent becomes the main input of production in sectors across the knowledge economy. To remain competitive in high-demand sectors such as healthcare, the country has expanded its visa programs.

Expatriate Talent Is In High Demand Worldwide:

Leonardo Jacopo Maria Mazzucco, a researcher at Trends Research & Advisory, an Abu Dhabi think tank, says the UAE has always been aware of its heavy reliance on foreign labor. The key change over the past decade has been the mounting competition at regional and global levels to attract expatriates with a high level of education and who have talent and innovation. Overseas Development and Employment Promotion Consultants is an initiative by the Kerala government to promote overseas recruitment. According to Anoop Achuthan, “Keralites used to go to the Gulf for employment as a primary destination.

Earlier This Year,

The UK’s Nursing and Midwifery Council released a report stating that 37,815 Indian nurses will be qualified to work in the UK by 2022/23. Compared to last year, this represents a nearly 34.1% increase. A shortage of healthcare workers, including nurses and doctors, was reported in 22 EU countries’ annual skill shortages and surpluses report for 2020.

The healthcare sector is not the only one experiencing global labour shortages. Approximately 64,000 tech vacancies existed in the UK in the third quarter of 2021, according to the British Computer Society’s latest State of the Nation report. In comparison to the same period of 2020, this is an increase of 191%. Emirati innovation and entrepreneurship expert Khaled Al Jaberi says the UAE views global competition as more than just a capital game. There is no shortage of capital at the moment. hortage of talent around the world. There is a talent war, not a capital war.”

Golden Visa:

UAE introduced a ‘golden visa’ scheme in response to competitive market conditions in 2019. Applicants receive a visa that allows them to live and work for 10 years without having to be sponsored. In July 2022, its eligibility criteria were expanded to include nurses for the first time since its introduction. The review will be conducted again in September 2022.

According to Mr. Achuthan,

The UAE offers good living conditions for nurses from Kerala, but it is expensive and does not provide any assurance for the future. Getting free education, healthcare, and eventually nationality is possible if they go to Europe. Golden visas change everything though – they allow the UAE to offer good support to nurses.” An Esaad privilege card, available to visa holders, provides discounts across a number of sectors, including education, entertainment, and healthcare. Additionally, visa holders have access to health insurance plans that are exclusive to them.

According to Hareb Al Mheiri, executive director of the Abu Dhabi Residents Office, the main benefit of a golden visa is that sponsors are not required. “There are no worries about [expatriate] workers losing their jobs or being fired. They will be safe and secure in the future if they have access to it.” UAE has taken several steps to make foreign talent more accessible to the country in addition to the golden visa. To practice in the country, foreign nurses no longer had to have two years of experience in their home countries and pass an examination offered by the Ministry of Health.

Diversifying The Workforce:

In recent years, the private and public sectors have recognized that diversity is critical to the success of economies around the world. In order to grow the economy of a country, international workers are sought after beyond its borders. A diverse workforce has played an important role in advancing the development. And progress of the UAE, says Mr Al Mheiri. In order to achieve sustainable development, there is a broader long-term strategy.”

According to Mr Mazzucco, the UAE is reshaping its socio-economic fabric so it can create an environment conducive to the inflow of skilled expatriates in order to ensure substantial momentum for its pivot toward a diversified economy centered on knowledge-based and high-end manufacturing. More countries are joining the race to attract workers. From around the world as the UAE’s golden visa scheme sets the scene. A similar Premium Residence scheme was launched. In Saudi Arabia in December 2017 for eligible expatriates, and Kuwait announced similar plans in May 2022.

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