Most people are aware that purchasing an iPhone to use in Pakistan isn’t as easy as it appears. The reason is that importing iPhones or other models that are smartphones requires PTA approval before they can be able to make phone calls and send text messages.

Many people ask whether purchasing a secondhand iPhone 13 Pro Max in Pakistan from overseas is illegal. Today, I’ll address the exact question, plus more.

This article will discuss the following aspects:

  • PTA approval: what exactly is it?
  • Is it legal to buy an old iPhone 13 Pro Max in Pakistan?

You may be thinking, “What the hell is PTA approval?” It’s not a problem, I’ll go with that question.

PTA Approval: What is It?

The phrase PTA approval refers to getting your device for communication accepted to be used by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) to be used in Pakitan. That’s why you might hear phrases like PTA phone or non-PTA phones.

The PTA reserves the right to accept or disapprove of any device introduced in the Pakistani market. It aims to ensure that all devices conform to certain standards of safety and quality control prior to when they are allowed to be sold which is why it is evident that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is not an exception.

The phone’s manufacturer has to provide a list of the features which have been evaluated in accordance with relevant Pakistani laws, along with an instruction manual for users to gain approval. After the device is approved, PTA will issue a registration ID number, which must be attached to the item to prove its legality of it.

In the end, PTA approval helps ensure that the products on the market satisfy certain quality and safety standards and offer high-quality service to customers. Whichever gadget you’re running, whether either brand-new or previously used or not, if it isn’t approved by the PTA approval and you don’t have the PTA approval, it won’t be able to connect to it using a SIM.

But, getting PTA authorization isn’t cheap. The cost could differ based on whether you’re using your CNIC or your passport however, the difference isn’t that big. A purchase of one of these smartphones could cost you around $600.

Is it illegal to purchase a Used iPhone 13 Pro Max in Pakistan?

It’s all right! Now let’s look at the primary question. The solution can be “No.” It’s legal to buy an old iPhone 13 Pro Max in Pakistan from a foreign source. However, you’ll require PTA permission to purchase the device, however, when you’ve purchased it using legal means and have paid all taxes associated with importation there is no risk to you.

I recently purchased my iPhone 12 Pro version from WIse Market Pakistan, and it’s not a PTA. Since it was acquired by legal means I’m able to continue using my phone as I please. If I’m connected to the internet I can call through various apps, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Additionally, I could use it like I make use of a regular PTA-approved iPhone without the restrictions of using a SIM card inside it. If you buy a new iPhone 13 Pro Max which isn’t yet activated with a sim you will be permitted to use your sim for a couple of months, however following that time, it will be impossible to utilize your sim for any period of time without PTA approval.

But, the people of Pakistan are extremely clever and have come up with solutions to utilize non-PTA devices, in a legal manner. There are many ways of using a Non-PTA device. They include:

  • Utilizing a less expensive certified by PTA iPhone (to make calls using iPhone 13 Pro Max)
  • Utilizing an Android phone, in conjunction with an iPhone
  • Utilizing an army-managed sim network
  • Utilizing the IKOS device (which is much cheaper to be PTA certified)

There are a variety of ways that people can make use of an iPhone. However, there are some illicit ways to make use of it. These methods aren’t recommended to be used on the devices you use. devices therefore I won’t discuss how they’re able.

Be aware that these devices are referred to for being “Patched devices,” and not only are they illegal, but also have significant security risks. It isn’t possible to utilize any banking applications on these phones and you may get in danger of using them.

I have a friend who bought not one, but two patches for his phone. The first phone didn’t function perfectly, and then it was unable to function after a couple of months. The second one, however, led to an increase in police involvement. We won’t get into great details, but it was a long process to clean his name and he was sworn off ever using a phone that was patched.


In the end, as long as you buy a used iPhone 13 Pro Max by legal means and it’s legal, there’s no difference. Even if the phone isn’t PTA the device will function just fine. As I’ve mentioned before I’m also using a Non-PTA iPhone with the exception of some restrictions the device is legal.

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I also tested the device by connecting it to my computer and then examining if they’d replaced any components. It was clear that all of the components were original and that they had not opened the device. In addition, if iPhones do not seem to your taste there’s also an impressive selection of Androids which range in price from Samsung up to Tecno with new and used in good condition. So, what are you sitting to do? Visit Wise Market Pakistan and find the top devices at the most affordable price. They also have a fantastic blog with every kind of information about technology.