Even when you consider that I became 12 years old, I’ve been close to sighted and had to put on glasses to assist me see into the distance. Being the best toddler out of five siblings that had to usually put on glasses, I’ve had my truthful proportion of proper frames that have been snug and laboured with my facial shape in addition to horrific frames that left darkish marks on my nostril and could slip off of my face. This 12 months marks the seventh 12 months that I’ve had my frames and it became time for a change. Here’s my tale of my look for a low value, snug, and elegant new Warby Parker glasses and prescription sun shades.

Deciding it became time for brand new glasses

Personally, I’ve had 4 extraordinary frames all through my 15 years of carrying glasses and wore every one till they gave up in their lifespan. My selection to attend to the frames became primarily based totally on reasons; first, my facial shape and garb fashion laboured nicely with the frames that I wore for years, and 2d, the value of buying new frames is significant.

What made me determine to buy new glasses and prescription sun shades?

During my first time paddle boarding, I carried the prescription sun shades that I bought 8 years in the past for roughly $four hundred and I didn’t place them on the glasses cords to maintain it to my face. As I endured paddle boarding, a small wave threw off my stability and I landed with inside the water. Since the sun shades have been aviator fashion frames, they have been cushty to the perimeters of my head and have been safe. A couple of minutes later, a chain of large waves got here below my board and I flipped into the water. As I emerged, I noticed my sun shades quickly sinking past my attainment into the darkness of the water.

Fortunately, I had my glasses in my vehicle and became capable of force domestic without a problem. Similar to my aviator sun shades that I simply misplaced, those glasses have been from the Ray Bans logo with transition lenses and value approximately $four hundred. For that purpose, I’ve owned those frames for 7 years and changed the lens each 12 months.

With the lack of my prescription sun shades, I determined it was time for a brand new appearance and decided to shop for a brand new pair of glasses and prescription sun shades. My selection to get new glasses is primarily based totally on the subsequent troubles with my modern pair. My Ray Ban frames are very thick and the lenses are big which make the glasses heavy. This ends in it falling off of my face once I appear down and a few ache on my left ear after greater than 12 hours of regular put on.

As I looked for new glasses and sun shades, I set some standards that the brand new glasses could meet so as for me to experience snug making the acquisition and step one became locating the proper organisation.

Warby Parker

For the past 2 years, I’ve been paying attention to plenty of start-up and entrepreneur podcasts wherein the host tells non-public stories, interviews set up human beings, and has discussions with the founders of a number of the quickest developing businesses of the century. One of those podcasts, How I Built This, became an interview among the host, Guy Raz, and the founders of Warby Parker, Dave Gilboa and Neil Blumenthal which you could concentrate on via the means of clicking here.

During this interview, the founders of Warby Parker spoke at an assembly in a commercial enterprise college. Before beginning commercial enterprise college, Gilboa accidently left his glasses on an aeroplane, which could’ve cost $seven hundred to replace. In the interview, he compared the iPhone 3g that became new and furnished quite a few capabilities for $2 hundred with the much less technological pair of glasses that could value $seven hundred.

Gilboa could whinge to all of his pals about the value of plastic glasses being so high. One day, his friend, who continuously misplaced his glasses, vented to him and mentioned the reality that he ought to buy whatever on-line besides for glasses. After those discussions, Gilboa became with Blumenthal in a laptop lab whilst Gilboa commenced asking questions associated with promoting glasses on-line. With Blumenthal’s heritage running at a non-income glasses organization, he had enjoyed designing glasses and he additionally had interior know-how that one organisation owned nearly all glasses businesses!

Suddenly, it became clear to the institution that the reason why glasses value a lot is due to the fact that one big organisation owns almost all the predominant glasses manufacturers out there!

So, they determined to begin a web glasses commercial enterprise collectively as an opportunity to the overpriced glasses marketplace ruled by way of means of one organisation. What became their goal: to promote snug and stylish glasses at an less costly charge. With this, they set out to begin Warby Parker that makes shopping for glasses on-line clean, fun, and less costly!

Best of all, for each pair of Warby Parker glasses that’s offered the organisation will donate a couple of glasses to a person in need via non-income companies like VisionSpring.

Here’s my tale of buying glasses via Warby Parker primarily based totally on five parameters.

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1. Affordability

Similar to Gilboa’s tale about dropping his pair of glasses and his infinite look for a less costly pair of substitute glasses, I observed this equal adventure after dropping my prescription Ray Ban aviator sun shades. Once I discovered Warby Parker’s on-line shop, I browsed via their choice of frames. I became excited via the way of means of the form of body shapes, sizes, and colorations that they offered. Best of all, their internet site is intuitive and clean to clear out via the numerous styles of frames.

Once I decided on a handful that I could paint with my facial shape and style, I checked out every one and examined the outline of everybody, the measurements, and materials. Most importantly, I discovered that the common charge for his or her prescription glasses, each body and lenses, became between $ninety five and $145! In the arena of best glasses, those are super prices.

Compared to a brand new pair of glasses from a normal logo call organisation, I could spend a mean of $250 for the body and an extra $one hundred twenty five to $a hundred and fifty for the lens. Ultimately, $four hundred is out of reach for a majority of human beings, however it’s critical that it will see the arena with frames that suit your style, experience and facial shape commonly overrules the hefty charge tag. This is specially real for those who put on glasses from the instant they wake up to when they doze off as it turns into part of our normal look!

Similarly, prescription sun shades commonly value as a minimum $four hundred, just like the pair that I misplaced withinside the lake, that is out of attainment for plenty of human beings. With Warby Parker, I discovered a super pair of sun shades and once I geared up to locate my order, the entire amount became $225! This would possibly sound like a variety of money, however for the ones folks who put on prescription glasses, that is a super charge.

However, with Warby Parker, you could accurately be imaginative and prescient with lovely frames that suit your facial shape and style experience. With their extensive form of glasses, it’s almost not possible now no longer possible to locate frames that suit your needs and are the product of the best fabric.

2. Quality

Another critical parameter for locating my subsequent pair of glasses became the best of the frames and lens. Warby Parker gives glasses in three extraordinary styles of materials: cellulose acetate (feels and looks as if plastic), titanium, and blended materials. A majority of glasses frames are crafted from cellulose acetate and is a famous fabric preference for plenty of human beings.

While attempting to find my subsequent pair of glasses, I knew that I could put on them for as a minimum the following five years. So, it became critical for me to locate long lasting frames that have been comparable in form and length to my authentic Ray Ban glasses frames. I selected frames of the equal fabric, cellulose acetate, in black and searched for a couple that had large lenses.

Once you’re geared up to begin choosing frames from Warby Parker, you could slender your look for frames that qualify for his or her super domestic-attempt on software. This became made for human beings like me who don’t stay close to a Warby Parker shop which might be interested in their glasses and need to attempt on their frames prior to creating a buy. This alternative is absolutely loose (no delivery expenses or down payments) and you could choose as much as five frames at a time. Best of all, you could take pics of yourself carrying everybody, add them to Instagram, tag Warby Parker, and they’ll assist you to recognise which body fits you best!

During this domestic-attempt on software, I decided on three glasses and a couple of sun shades to attempt on and became pleasantly amazed by the best and luxury of every pair. The fabric felt inflexible sufficient to hold its form and sturdy sufficient to resist a fall. I additionally discovered that this software became an important component to creating my buy due to the fact a number of the frames have been both large or smaller than I envisioned. You can see withinside the photos that the sun shades have been a bit too big for my face and one of the glasses became too slender.

3. Comfort

Once I had the domestic-attempt on the field in hand and felt the frames for his or her best, the following step became to place them on and experience how they suit my head. My preceding Ray Ban glasses had thick frames that have been outsized and heavy on my nostril and ears. In addition, the Ray Ban frames didn’t make touch with the temple on the perimeters of my head. This caused a variety of stress over my ears and in reality indignant and scratched the pinnacle of my left ear wherein the frames could relax.

So, it became critical to discover a pair of glasses frames that could be mild sufficient to relax my nostrils, ears, and speak to my temples for a few extra aid via friction. Most of all, the frames needed to be snug to put on for a period of time and feature big lenses to suit my fashion and offer a bigger viewing area.

After attempting on all the frames, I became among 2 extraordinary frames and determined to buy the Crane frames, which I discovered to be the maximum snug and thinnest. The Crane body is likewise very mild and thick sufficient to be inflexible and sturdy. All of Warby Parker’s frames that I’ve seen on their internet site and attempted on at home have been fantastically designed.

4. Design

Everyone who wears glasses for both correcting their imaginative and prescient or as part of their style is aware of the significance of the layout of the frames. Every element of the glasses or sun shades body makes an effect on the general look of a person. Think about it. When you meet and greet all of us who wear glasses, you spend a variety of time undertaking eye touch as you converse. So, it best makes experience that the frames you select need to constitute you!

If you surely scroll via Warby Parker’s glasses and sun shades collection, you’ll quickly locate that they cover an extensive spectrum of style patterns and aesthetics. They have quite a few glasses which have style sensibilities from an in advance term just like the circle lenses. Then, they’ve all of the usual formed glasses that human beings have worn for centuries. Finally, they create a complete spectrum of modern frames that represents today’s trends.

5. Customer Support

When I ultimately made my selection to go together with Warby Parker for my new pair of glasses and sun shades, I became so amazed by way of means of their customer service representatives and packages to assist me locate the proper frames, problem shoot troubles that I had, and in the long run offer me with the right pair of glasses and sun shades. Here’s a brief model to my lengthy adventure of acquiring my very last pair of Warby Parker glasses and sun shades with a few recommendations for you alongside the way.

After I ordered my first domestic-attempt on a field of five frames, I made an appointment with my optician to get my eyes checked and for a prescription to add to my account with Warby Parker. By the time I noticed my optician, I was already attempting on my 2d field of glasses. So, I uploaded my prescription to my account and made my body choice for each of my glasses and sun shades.

Once I positioned the order, I obtained an email in their receipt and every other whilst the glasses have been shipped. Every day, I tracked the cargo, which became loose from Warby Parker, and ultimately obtained it withinside the mail approximately five days later. My first cargo became the glasses, which I directly took out of the field and attempted on.

To my surprise, the left lens of the glasses felt overpowering and made it hard to consciousness on whatever for a brief quantity of time. So, I contacted their customer service via their on-line chat gadget and they quickly replied to my questions. They had one in all their opticians touch me to head over a number of the problems. After a five minute telecel smartphone call, the Warby Parker optician thought it became their fault and expedited a brand new cargo of my glasses.

A few days later, I obtained the glasses and had the equal problem! This time, I allow the Warby Parker consultant recognise approximately the difficulty and instructed them that I could convey it to my optician to test the lens. We found out that the difficulty became the prescription that my optician wrote – my left eye needed to have been -2.seventy five and he wrote -three.seventy five – and he directly referred to as Warby Parker to allow them to recognise that the prescription became incorrect.

From here, the Warby Parker consultant reordered my glasses and sun shades and expedited the orders in order that I could ultimately get my glasses with the best prescription! All of this to and fro took approximately a month, however on the give up of the day, it value me genuinely not anything to exchange.

After this experience with Warby Parker from their domestic attempt-on software to their customer support, I ought to by no means see myself buying glasses from everywhere else. It’s clear that the organisation in all likelihood didn’t take advantage of my order; specially due to the fact they dispatched me a complete set of three glasses and 1 pair of sun shades that have been exchanged for my very last pair! What different glasses organisation could pass this a long way for a customer?


Being one in all masses of tens of thousands and thousands human beings around the arena who are afflicted by imaginative and prescient impairment, I apprehend the significance of getting a high-quality pair of glasses which might be nicely designed, snug, the product of best fabric, and maximum of all, less costly. Through my enjoyment with Warby Parker, I now have an extra appreciation for businesses that care approximately their clients and pass above and past to carry them till their order is perfect. Most importantly, I can say that in a few small ways, I’ve contributed to imparting a couple of prescription glasses to a person in want. In the future, I’d like my organisation to emulate this stage of customer support and make a contribution to a bigger cause.

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When you’re geared up in your subsequent pair of prescription or non-prescription glasses and sun shades, make certain you take a look at out Warby Parker. I wish you enjoyed it much less eventfully, however high-quality as mine!