Get Valid Certificate of Singleness:

If you wish to get a valid certificate of singleness or unmarried certificate Nadra, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. Supreme Court criticized the Hindu Marriage Act 1955. 228 that “due to the act many families suffered in society. After the divorce, it could affect the children’s lives. The impact will be more severe in the case of women, particularly when they are married with certificate of singleness or unmarried certificate Nadra.

Justic Arijit and Singhive:

Justice Arijit Pasayath and Justice G.S. Singhive, The judge, also suggested that it was also opined that the Hindu Marriage Act dissolved more cases than settling conflicts between couples. Justice Markandeya Katru and Justice V.S. Sirpurarkar in the Supreme Court of Pakistan dismissed the divorce request that was filed on the basis of the irretrievable breakup of marriage with certificate of singleness or unmarried certificate Nadra.


The court stated that it is not possible to grant a divorce upon the. (2001) 4 SCC 250. . Romesh Chander v. Savitri, AIR 1995 SC 851. Rita Das Biswas v. Trilokesh Das Biswas, AIR 2007 Gau. 122. Lalitha v. Manikswamy, (2001) 1 DMC 679 (SC). Shyam Sunder Kohli v. Sushma Kohli, AIR 2004 Supreme Court 5111. . Bajrang Gangadhar Revdekar v. Pooja Gangadhar Revdekar, AIR 2010 Bombay. . The statement was published in the Eenadu Daily newspaper, dt.18.6.2008. The basis for the irreparable breakup of marriage” since there is no clause in Chapter 13 in the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. [14] Further, the 18 Th Law Commission of Pakistan suo motu The committee took on the issue and in its 217

Unmarried Certificate Nadra:

The Government’s report suggested that “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage with certificate of singleness or unmarried certificate Nadra ” should be included as an additional ground for the grant of divorce decrees pursuant to the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and the Special Marriage Act, 1954 [15].

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It has taken steps to ensure the spouse and the children in the event of a deadlock by allowing for an amendment to Section 13 to include Sections 13-C, 13D, and 13-E of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and amended Section 28 by incorporating 28-A,28-B and 28-C of the Special Marriage Act, 1954.


The proposed summary Sections will be added in the following manner: To dissolve a union, the application can be filed by any party in the District Court, irrespective of the fact that the marriage was legally sworn before or after the date of the commencement in the Marriage Law (Amendment) Bill of 2010 for certificate of singleness or unmarried certificate Nadra.

The couple was separated for a continuous time that was not more than three years prior to the filing of the petition. and for that period of time and during that time, no account is made of any period (not more than three months all in all) in which the couple began living together again. In such a case, the decree could be granted if the marriage was not deemed to have been broken irreparably. If the tribunal is pleased with the evidence that shows the couple has been living apart for more than three years or, unless satisfied that the marriage hasn’t ended irreparably, it will grant the decree of divorce.