Twitter now lets you bookmark tweets in a tedious way. And then, to arrange them into folders, you need the Twitter Blue Premium subscription carrier. It’s ridiculous that you need to pay for one of these simple function, that is why we are now not inspired with Twitter Blue.

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It appears many developers additionally thought there had to be a higher manner and released some of apps that provide you with the unfastened version of Twitter Bookmarks. Some let you bookmark tweets within Twitter, while others require a separate app or extension. But they’re all free and they have lots of methods to organize your saved tweets so that you can without difficulty locate them later.

1. Tweepsbook (Web): Best Bot To Save Twitter Bookmarks On Twitter

There are quite some Twitter bots that allow you to bookmark tweets by using tagging them. Out of all of them, Tweepsbook is the satisfactory implementation in our opinion. It’s clean to use, completely unfastened (and ad-unfastened), and helps you to organize bookmarks.


Sign in to Tweepsbook through your Twitter login to create an account and then follow their take care of on Twitter. When you need to keep a tweet, reply to the authentic tweet, tag @tweepsbook, and input the key-word “bkm”. You can add a label inclusive of a hashtag accompanied by using “BKM” to position the tweets at once into a folder in your dashboard.

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When you need to check your Tweets later, go to the Tweetsbook internet site and register. Your stored tweets can be to be had right here, neatly sorted into categorised folders. Unfortunately, there’s no seek characteristic in Tweepsbook to quickly discover a stored tweet, but with any luck this could be a feature quickly.


2. Slideit (Web): Bookmark Tweets To Save In A Perception Database

We’re big fanatics of the net database tool, Noyan, and are always glad to see creative and productive ways to use Noyan. SlideIt is a high-quality concept in which you could automatically save tweets to Notion, smartly organized in a table.

The first step is to sign in to SlideIt with your Twitter account and copy the concept template they created. There are some steps in the setup, however it’s all straightforward and defined in a tutorial video on the web site. Once you’re achieved, it works a lot like Tweepsbook. If you want to keep a tweet, respond to it, tag @heyslideit, and kind the key-word “thought” accompanied by means of the label as a hashtag.


On your Perceptions web page, you may see a desk with 4 columns for each stored Tweet: the username who made the unique Tweet, the Tweet itself, the date you stored it, and the hashtag you delivered. In addition, Noyon capabilities a strong seek characteristic across all of its database tables, so that you can rely on it to quick discover Tweets.


Because the concept is unfastened, SlideIt will remain unfastened for all time. And greater importantly, your saved tweets are possibly to live online for a long time with a good emblem like Noyon, instead of a third celebration internet site that can be unable to maintain up with server fees.


Three. Markfolder (Chrome, Firefox): Best Browser Extension To Bookmark Tweets

MarkFolder is the quality manner to manipulate your Twitter bookmarks if you normally browse Twitter on a computer. The effective extension sits in the toolbar and helps you to quickly shop tweets to numerous folders. This is one of the fine apps to improve Twitter with out Twitter Blue

You may even create new folders at the go. For example, within the video demonstration above, you may see how a user creates a new folder for e book recommendations from the extension’s small drop-down pane and saves a Tweet to that folder.


It’s clean to use, and when you’re at the dashboard, it’s even less difficult to browse, either as a listing view or grid view. You also can make a folder public and proportion its URL with others so anyone can see a chain of tweets you’ve stored.


But simply as it’s an extension would not suggest you cannot apply it to mobile. You can DM any tweet to the MarkFolder Tweet bookmarker account, and it’ll be autosaved to your inbox.


Unfortunately the loose version of MarkFolder doesn’t encompass key-word seek. This is a Pro characteristic, along side a few different add-ons, that expenses $three in line with Firefox (loose)


Four. Tweet Catcher (Android, Ios): Bookmark And Organize Tweets For Later

If maximum of your Twitter surfing is on a smartphone, you do not want a browser extension or app to look bookmarks on a browser web page. Instead, you need a cellular-first app. Tweet Catcher is a free Twitter bookmark app for iPhone and Android that makes it genuinely clean to save tweets and locate them afterward your phone.

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