The Megaminx cube is a dodecahedron-shaped puzzle that has been gaining in popularity over the past few years. Some people claim that the Megaminx is easier to solve than the 3×3 cube, but what does that really mean? In this blog post, we’ll ta

1. What is a Megaminx cube and how is it different from a 3×3 cube

A Megaminx cube is a 12-sided puzzle that is similar to a 3×3 cube, but with additional complexities. It is made up of 20 different sized pieces that must be put together in a specific way in order to solve the puzzle. The Megaminx cube has more than twice as many possible combinations as a 3×3 cube, making it a much more challenging puzzle to solve.

2. How to solve the Megaminx cube

The Megaminx cube, also known as the Hungarian cube, is a twisty puzzle similar to the Rubik’s cube. It is a dodecahedron-shaped puzzle with 50 moves required to solve it.The Megaminx Cube can be solved using a variety of methods, but the most popular method is the Layer by Layer method. This method involves solving the cube one layer at a time, starting with the outer layer and working your way in.There are a few variations of the Layer by Layer method, but the most common one involves solving the edges first, followed by the corners, and then the centers. This can be a bit tricky to wrap your head around at first, but with practice it will become second nature.Once you have solved all of the layers, you will need to permute the last layer. This simply means that you will need to rearrange the pieces on the last layer so that they are in their correct positions.The Megaminx cube is a great challenge for any puzzler, and with a little practice it can be solved relatively easily.

3. Is the Megaminx cube easier than the 3×3 cube – pros and cons

The Megaminx cube, which is not similar to the “Axis cube“, is a puzzle similar to a 3×3 cube, but with an additional layer of complexity. It has 12 faces and 20 moveable pieces, and is said to be significantly more difficult than a 3×3 cube.There are many different opinions on whether the Megaminx cube is actually more difficult than a 3×3 cube. Some people find that the additional layer of complexity makes the Megaminx cube much more challenging, while others find that the increased number of pieces makes it slightly easier to solve.Regardless of which side you fall on, there are some definite pros and cons to consider when deciding whether the Megaminx cube is right for you.

4. Which one should you learn first – the Megaminx or the 3×3 cube

If you’re looking to purchase your first puzzle cube, you may be wondering which one you should learn first – the Megaminx or the 3×3 cube. Both are popular options, but which one is right for you?To help you decide, we’ve put together a helpful guide comparing the two puzzles. The Megaminx is a 12-sided puzzle cube, while the 3×3 cube is the traditional six-sided cube. Both puzzles are solved by twists and turns, but the Megaminx requires more moves to solve than the 3×3 cube.The Megaminx is a good choice for experienced puzzlers who are looking for a challenge. If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting with the 3×3 cube. It’s simpler to solve and will help you get familiar with the basics of twisty puzzles.

5. Tips for beginners who want to start learning how to solve Rubik’s cubes

If you’re a beginner who wants to start learning how to solve Rubik’s cubes, there are a few things you should know. First, you’ll need to get a cube that’s suitable for your level. There are different types of cubes, including speed cubes and budget cubes. Once you have your cube, you’ll need to practise solving it. You can find tutorials online or in books.Once you’ve learned the basics, you can start practising algorithms. These are specific sequences of moves that help you solve the cube more efficiently. There are many different algorithms, and you can find them online or in books. As you practise, you’ll get faster and better at solving the cube.


The Megaminx is a great puzzle for people who want to move on from the 3×3. It’s not necessarily easier, but it is different and a lot of fun. Give it a try!

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