If you’re anything like me, the instant I said “I do,” the first thing I realized was that we needed a budget. And I had a burning question: “How much does a wedding photographer in Chicago cost?”

Every couple’s love story has a significant turning point, and one of the most often inquiries I get from newly engaged couples is, “How much should we spend on our wedding photographer?” The price of a Chicago wedding photographer might vary significantly based on experience, reputation, and other elements.

Together, we’ll learn about average photographer prices in Chicago and arm you with the knowledge you need to choose the best wedding photographer for you.

A wedding photographer whose abilities, tools, and aesthetic preferences are ideal for your special wedding preparations.

Summary of Contents

  • How Much Should I Spend In Chicago On My Wedding Photographer?
  • The Proportional Rule.
  • Cost-Related Elements for Photographers.
  • Ability & Talent.
  • Past performance.

The Rule of Percentage

Guidelines for Chicago photographer cost are available on well-known planning websites like wedding portrait, and they are typically based on a flat percentage of your overall photography budget, or, if you’re looking at a circular chart, a “piece of the pie.” Numerous resources advise allocating 10–20% of your spending plan to hiring a  photographer.

When employing a less-experienced portrait photographer, a little bit more risk is taken in exchange for quality and experience.

Cost-Related Elements for Wedding Portrait

But how much do Chicago wedding portraits really run? There would ideally be a succinct response to this query, but there are many variables that can affect the price of Chicago wedding portraits.


Although you might not think about lifestyle when determining how much a wedding photographer in Chicago costs, it’s one of the most crucial things to do so because living expenses in Chicago and the suburbs around differ significantly.

You could also want to think about spending money on a photographer that lives a similar lifestyle to you because you two are probably going to have similar values when it comes to recording your wedding. Although the way of life of your  photographer is something to think about, it should not be the determining decision!

Ability & Talent       

  • photography expertise (such as composition, posing, and handling varying lighting scenarios throughout the wedding day)
  • Postproduction expertise (such as photo editing and album design)
  • People skills (directing the timetable planning process, communication, and teamwork – particularly crucial when working with vendors and preparing your family formals!)
  • A business savvy that ensures a high standard of service and a constant customer experience

Skill and talent, which are frequently grouped together as “expertise,” are crucial considerations when it comes to comprehending your investment in photography. When it comes to wedding photography, these two variables represent both concrete and abstract results.


The highly individualized and largely intangible quality of a photographer’s “style,” or “artistry,” can also affect the financial commitment you make to  photography. Photographers who charge higher prices than the industry standard often have earned the right to do so by developing a distinctive, in-demand style and frequently winning honors for their work.

Style has an impact on ordinary Chicago photographer costs even outside of the top wedding photographers in the industry as trends and public opinion increase demand for one or more particular photography styles.

Look in a neighborhood publication. Are the pictures clear, crisp, and color-accurate? Or do they have more stylized compositions with dramatic or edgy editing and melancholy edits? The demand for a certain style or genre of wedding photography will fluctuate along with fashion trends.



By Alberta