You must have faced a situation where your little girl continuously asks and insists on barbie EXTRA dolls. But you don’t know what is so special about these dolls. This article will help you get into all the specialities of these barbie EXTRA dolls and why kids love them. Let’s get into it!

These dolls are quirky and have distinctive features. Their colour choice is very bold and extravagant. A kid’s life is all about bright and contrasting colours, so they tend to pay more attention towards these dolls. Playing with dolls, children create an imaginary world around them, and barbie EXTRA dolls have a positive impact on polishing your kid’s imagination and other skill sets. You can easily get these dolls from any toy shop in the UK.

5 Interesting Features Of Barbie Extra Dolls

To understand the features of these crazy barbie EXTRA dolls. Have a clear look at the five interesting features mentioned below. Let’s start! 

  1. The Innovative Barbie Extra Car

Barbie Extra dolls have an exquisite mentality when it comes to fashion, and this Barbie Extra Vehicle is no exception! This speedy, two-seater convertible barbie car features a sparkling silver exterior, trademark pink interior, and over-the-top embellishments such as rainbow rims, wing-inspired doors, and fluffy headrests. 

When it’s time to change your barbie’s look, open the trunk. It has space for a pair of shoes and a contemporary top, all of which are provided! Place the pet puppy and its gorgeous swan floatie in the car’s pet pool, then push to begin the play. This Barbie Extra car, with its vibrant highlights and exciting accessories, allows kids to bring EXTRA vibes everywhere they go!

  1. Eye-Catching Looks Of The Doll

Barbie Extra dolls make a big impression with their bold clothes and brilliant colours! Each Barbie doll has a distinct flair that is both playful and outrageous. And their pets, which are all unique and gorgeous, are full of personality! Barbie Extra allows children to express themselves through fashion and provides an exciting fashion and styling play experience. 

  1. Modern Dresses, Makeup, And Jewellery

These dolls will increase the fashion sense of your daughter. The EXTRA dolls are very EXTRA from a fashion point of view. These dolls wear modern and beautiful dresses. The dresses are very sparkly and also have bold and lovely colour combinations. Also, they like to do make-up. If your daughter is into makeup, she will love these EXTRA dolls. These dolls come in a complete package of modern dresses, makeup, and glittery jewellery. This will be a dream come true for every girl!

  1. Independent And Confident

The Barbie EXTRA dolls are very independent and confident. This will also enhance your kid’s confidence and encourage them not to depend on others for anything. These will also increase their social and emotional skills. Your girls can get inspired by these dolls and start living a responsible and independent life

  1. High-Quality Material

The most important feature is quality. The quality of these dolls is very high. It will not have any side effects on your kids as they are made from skin-friendly and non-toxic materials. Do not worry while your kid is playing with this doll. This doll is also EXTRA in terms of material. The material is tested before making. So you don’t have to think about this before getting your kids this amazing doll.


If you are getting a Barbie EXTRA doll for your kids. Then you must know its extra features too. This EXTRA doll has an EXTRA car that is very creative, attractive, and innovative. Moreover, they also have sparkly and vibrant coloured dresses, makeup, and jewellery. Your girls will learn lots of things from her, such as independence, confidence, responsibility skills, and so much more.