If you are a fan of online games, you may be wondering where to find the best sports news in Vietnam. Fortunately, there are several sources online that can help you with this question. Whether you are interested in the legality of sports betting or the latest news about the COVID-19 infection, there is a website that can give you all the information you need.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game. Players from around the world fight for a position on the map. The winner of each match earns the prize money.

The e-sports scene in Vietnam is growing. 8xbet Vietnamese teams consistently place in regional tournaments. They have also proven their skills to international teams. However, there are still plenty of challenges for players at home.

In March, PUBG Mobile released an adaptation of the game that’s specifically geared toward the Vietnamese community. A month later, the company announced a new e-sports event for 2020. This will feature a total prize pool of 11.5 Billion VND.

This year, PMPL (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) Mobile SEA Championship S4 will take place from October 12 to 31. Top teams will compete for the title and the hefty prize pool.


Vietnam’s chess players have made some impressive improvements over the years, and the nation’s government has introduced new prizes. In April, chess players took home $13,500 in prizes.

Chess is a worldwide sport and a major player in promoting gender equality. It also offers opportunities for people with disabilities. There are even online competitions that allow players to play international chess online.

The Vietnamese government has increased its chess stipends over the past two years. They now offer a monthly salary of $300 to children. Children in the country are not ranked based on how much money they make, but rather on how well they perform in a tournament.

Several of the best players in the country have played for the national team. Hoang Van Tho has been the highest-ranked Vietnamese player for several years. He has even won a Grandmaster title at age 15!

Video games

The e-sports industry is booming in Vietnam. In 2018, the country had an online gambling community of over 32.8 million players and viewers.

There are many websites to get your fix of e-sports 8xbet news. Some focus on one sport, while others offer a diverse range of sports coverage.

E-sports has become a major money-maker in the entertainment industry. This is due to the immersive nature of the games and the fact that they provide a virtual space for consumers to watch and engage with content.

Several companies are making their way into the e-sports market. One of the biggest players is YouTube. While some countries like China restrict gamers from accessing the service, Vietnamese gamers are able to use the video platform.

As the popularity of e-sports continues to rise, so too does the demand for content. Luckily for brands, the Vietnamese government has started to recognize the value of the e-sports industry.

COVID-19 infections

When the corona virus officially named SARS-CoV-2 started causing chaos in China and some other countries, Vietnam was the first country to report a confirmed case. It then began to take measures to control the outbreak. A number of scientists and researchers at hospitals and universities published more information about the infection.

Early risk assessment helped the government and people to coordinate their responses. Various scientific projects have been initiated to develop rapid testing kits. The government is also supplying basic goods to its citizens.

In the beginning, the Vietnamese government had strict quarantine rules for travelers from affected areas in China. However, the new wave of infections largely came from incoming tourists.

Travel restrictions on flights to the country were strengthened. Those entrants who had visited Vietnam were required to declare their health status before re-entering their home countries.

Legality of sports betting

Vietnam has not allowed gambling for a very long time. However, the government is slowly making moves to relax its strict gambling laws. It is estimated that gambling in Vietnam could add up to $800 million in annual tax revenues.

Last March, the government issued a decree that allowed gamblers to bet on horse races and FIFA-organized international soccer games. But the legality of online sports betting in Vietnam is unclear. Several online casinos are blocked by the authorities.

Some Vietnamese gamblers are tempted to visit neighboring Cambodia to gamble in casinos. The Ministry of Public Security has confiscated US dollars worth $95m. During the World Cup, online gambling rings have mushroomed in the country.

In a bid to make gambling safer and more regulated, the government is considering a decree to regulate the business. This would give gamblers a chance to deal with licensed operators and ensure that the profits are returned to the government.