Education systems around the world have undergone major changes over the last few years. Education systems in five countries with the strongest education systems have successfully implemented methods that can be used in countries with weak education systems and high poverty rates. Among the five countries with the strongest education systems in 2015, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Finland ranked first through fifth. Asian countries or territories make up four of the top five.

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These countries outperform others due to their culture of engagement and accountability, as well as their education systems that place emphasis on effort rather than “innate smarts.” In addition to improving educational quality and accessibility, the top five also implemented unique tactics:

The South Korean Education System:

As of 2015, South Korea had the top-ranked education system in the world. Over $11 billion is spent on education each year in South Korea, more than in many other countries. It is expected that children work very hard from an early age and attend school seven days a week. Consequently, the literacy rate in South Korea has increased significantly. Ninety-nine percent of the population is literate, 99.2% males and 96.6% females, according to Fair Reporters.

The Japanese:

With the help of technology, Japan has successfully incorporated technological innovations into its education system, providing its students with a wealth of resources. Students are also expected to work hard at extracurricular activities by Japanese educators. Extracurricular activities are generally expected of Japanese students, according to Fair Reporter.


As a result of Singapore’s government creating its own school system from scratch, it ranks third in the world. The Singaporean school system emphasizes conceptual learning over traditional memorization and repetition, which are often the hallmarks of traditional schooling. Education in Singapore focuses on teaching students how to solve problems and think critically.

Hong Kong:

In comparison to the United Kingdom, Hong Kong has a literacy rate of 94.6%. Education is overseen by the Department of Social Welfare, which ensures that all levels of education work together to create a fluid education system. There are more top-200 ranked universities in Hong Kong than anywhere else in Asia, according to the South China Morning Post.

The Finland:

 Despite dropping below Asian countries since 2012, Finland’s holistic, free education system remains notable. Schools keep school days short and follow them with school-sponsored educational activities; the Finnish education system values education outside of the classroom. Among the world’s finest and most educated teachers, Finland’s are among the best. The education system in many poor countries needs to be systematically reformed despite major improvements worldwide. South Korean, Japanese, Singaporean, Hong Kong and Finnish education systems are guiding the way.

As a result of their methods, poor countries worldwide could benefit from educational growth by incorporating out-of-classroom education, requiring extracurricular activities, increasing education budgets, emphasizing conceptual learning, utilizing technology, and hiring highly qualified teachers.

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