'I' icon on the Apple Watch

'I' icon on the Apple Watch

Recently, a lot of people have been asking about the “i” icon on their Apple Watches. What does it do? Most people think that it is there to help them connect their watch with an iPhone, but according to Apple, that’s not the case. The “i” icon is actually there to let you know that you can get additional information to help you manually pair your watch with an iPhone. So next time you’re wondering what it is, just remember that it’s not what you think!

What does the?

The ‘i’ icon on the Apple Watch is not there to help you connect. The ‘i’ icon is used for settings, and is not meant to be used for connecting to a cellular network or getting directions.

Why is the?

The lack of an “i” icon on the Apple Watch’s main screen is one of the most confusing features about the device. While some people may not even know it exists, others rely on it to connect to their iPhone. The “i” icon lets you easily access settings, messages and more from your watch without having to take your phone out of your pocket. Unfortunately, this feature was removed from the latest iteration of the Apple Watch.

According to CNET, Cupertino removed the “i” icon because people were accidentally hitting it while scrolling through screens and instead of going to settings or messages, they were taken to a different part of the app. Without a clear way to navigate between screens, users found themselves getting lost or frustrated. As a result, Cupertino decided to remove the “i” icon in order to make things simpler for users.

How to connect a device manually in this situation

If you have an Apple Watch and you have a pair of AirPods, but the “i” icon on the watch isn’t appearing to help you connect to the AirPods, there is a way to connect them manually. First, open the watch app on your iPhone. Next, press and hold down on one of the AirPods until it starts beeping. Then release it and hold down on the other AirPod until it starts beeping. Finally, let go of both of them at the same time and they should now be connected.

The additional information that can let you pair your watch with an iPhone manually

If you’re not seeing the “i” icon on your Apple Watch to help you connect to your iPhone, there’s a good chance that you’re not connected wirelessly. To pair your watch with an iPhone manually:
1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to General -> Device Management.
2. Under “Devices,” find your Apple Watch and tap on it.
3. Under “Bluetooth,” make sure that the “Connected” switch is set to “On.”
4. If you have an iPhone 6 or later, open the Control Centre and tap on the AirPlay icon (it looks like a speaker). From here, select your watch from the list of devices and hit Play / Pause.
5. If you have an earlier model of iPhone, open the Bluetooth menu in Settings and search for “Apple Watch.” Once located, tap on it and select “pair.”


It seems that many people are puzzled by the lack of an ‘i’ icon on the Apple Watch, wondering why it is not there to help you connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The answer lies in the functionality of the watch – rather than letting you use it as a central hub for your digital life, like other watches do, the Apple Watch focuses on providing quick access to key tasks and notifications. So instead of an icon for connecting to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, we see an icon for accessing your apps and settings. If you’re looking for ways to use your watch more independently from your iPhone, be sure to check out our roundup of tips on how to use the Apple Watch without an iPhone.

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