The secret to having an attractive wardrobe is to shop for goods that will make getting ready simple. For your Yesstyle Dresses, you must purchase classic elements. You need timeless pieces like bodysuits, blouses, denim trousers, button-up shirts, and tee shirts. You should also stock your closet with contemporary clothes products. However, you shouldn’t forgo your commitments or necessities in order to purchase fashionable stuff. Me too. I recently bought clothing from the internet of Yesstyle merchants. This company is one of the least expensive online clothing merchants, so you need to be aware of it.

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Choose Yesstyle as your preferred brand when purchasing wardrobe basics. Use my Yesstyle Promo Code STYLEZ20 to receive an extra 5% off your order. This won’t cost you anything. Now, I’ll provide you with my assessment and all the details you require about purchasing clothing from this company.

YesStyle is the cheapest online store for women’s apparel

Yesstyle Dresses is an online clothing store situated in Asia. Clothing for men, women, and kids is available online. Under the lifestyle area, they also provide home items and skincare products.

Since most of their clothing range is for casual wear, I appreciate this company. Consequently, pick YesStyle if you’re looking for a store that allows you to buy high-quality clothing at a fair price. It is also one of the most affordable online clothing companies you should be aware of.

Their website is easy to use. You can type what you’re browsing for in the search box. Additionally, you can use the categories to narrow down your search. You might, for instance, search for women’s clothing, etc. I enjoy this company’s luggage. Shopping for luggage, travel bags, backpacks, and organizers can be done on a budget. Consequently, if you’re looking for a website to get travel essentials.

Delivery & Amount

In 2017, when Yesstyle Dresses offered “free” delivery to the UK on orders over £30, there were no customs fines or problems. DHL sent the cargo to the UK after first sending it to Germany. On April 22, the order was placed, and on April 29, it was delivered. I don’t remember how long it has taken for this to arrive, and since it’s been so long, the tracking information seems to be no longer available, but I seem to remember it was quick—I’d say it took 1-2 weeks.

By 2020, a number of things have altered (and 2021, 2022). Yesstyle has raised the “free” delivery for the UK to £43. They currently ship to the Netherlands first, then utilize PostNL to ship to the UK. Royal Mail then delivers the package to the UK.

I was getting concerned about waiting without one because I wasn’t given a tracking number and any information till my delivery had arrived in the Netherlands. Fortunately, it didn’t take nearly that long as my transaction included items that “usually ship within 21 days.” My order was placed on January 1 and shipped on September 9. The tracking information wasn’t sent to me until 16/9. The delivery was despatched on September 2 and arrived without any customs problems on September 29. Compared to 2017, the ships traveled more slowly this time.

What Is Two-Country Shipping?

The two-country shipping method—does it have a name?—is one that many Chinese sellers employ. It entails sending to one country, then repackaging & reshipping to the ultimate location. When compared to shipping directly from China/HK, which could take up to 3 months or no more than one month, this significantly reduces delivery times to as low as one week. Due to the fact that it carried from an EU country, it also protects the seller and buyer from taxes. I always consider these benefits to be positives, so I favor and select retailers who employ this double shipping technique.

The items were bubble-wrapped inside of a plastic tub, but they were shipped in a typical grey bubble shipping bag. I’ve already used the tub, but I’m not sure if this is a brand-new normal packing procedure in all purchases or if it’s just because my order contained cosmetics!

Yesstyle Clothing

I recently went to Yesstyle Dresses to buy a dress and top. This outfit has my heart on its whole. However, I noticed that the dress was far big for me. I’m a little (size). I didn’t look at the size chart, therefore I forgot to order an extra small. If you wish to shop at Yesstyle Dresses, please refer to the size chart to determine your dimensions.

I enjoy this shirt dress since it’s such a versatile piece of clothing. They can wear as a jacket over a dress and a pair of jeans. You can also wear the shirt dress on its own. Shirts are an additional option to bikinis. A shirt worn like a jacket or a bandeau top & shorts can be used as a beach uniform.

You may dress up a shirt dress to go to work. Additionally, you can play it down with your footwear for a laid-back day out. If you require a low-cost shirt dress, decide to purchase it from YesStyle. You could purchase my shirt dress from Yesstyle Dresses. For 5% off your purchase, enter the coupon code Stylez20 that I have provided.

In addition, I got a free red lipstick for becoming a YesStyle influencer. All of those influencers often receive complimentary products from companies to review. Therefore, if you’re a fashion and lifestyle influencer, keep an eye out for opportunities to receive free things in exchange for evaluations. PS: If you receive any freebies, please share them on social media.

Yesstyle Shipping & Customer Service

The Yesstyle Dresses online clothing store website is really easy to use. You can purchase any item from any category and pay with a debit card or PayPal. Except for a few countries in Africa, such as Nigeria, YesStyle ships products all around the world. Because of this, Nigerian residents only can ship to the USA or the UK. For details on how to export goods to Nigeria from the US or the UK, read my post. They offer amiable client service. All inquiries receive prompt responses.


You will also receive a tracking number so you can follow the development of your order from Yesstyle Dresses. Between 3 or 5 business days needed for delivery in the USA. Therefore, your order will arrive more rapidly if you live in the USA. Additionally, Yesstyle Dresses offers quick shipping on all orders. If you spend more than $59, expedited delivery is free.

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