One of the biggest and most well-known video-sharing websites on the Internet is YouTube. Every month, YouTube receives more than 4 billion hours of video views, and it is believed that 500 hours of video are added to the site every minute. Since it first launched in 2005, YouTube has evolved from being a platform for amateur films to one that shares original content.

Additionally, it has made it possible for a completely new line of work to emerge: YouTube content creation. For some YouTubers around the world, this line of work can be extremely lucrative. Here we are going to see How to delete youtube history and its procedures. 

How to Clear your YouTube History:

When you use your Google account to log into YouTube, YouTube records everything you do on the site, including what you watch, search for, and even preview. This allows the website to offer fresh films based on your choices. But since YouTube is a subsidiary of Google, privacy concerns arise around who gets access to your data. YouTube is a fantastic place to start if you want to delete your search history.

Keep in mind that wiping this information just removes it from your computer or browser; YouTube’s (or Google’s) servers will continue to hold your data. Moreover, you can learn how to Delete a Facebook group, how to delete Instagram accounts, and many more.

Step 1: Go to YouTube and sign up.

Step 2:To access the YouTube menu, click the three bars in the top corner.

Step 3: Choose youtube history.

Step 4:You have the option to remove your whole watch history or specific videos from this point on.

The YouTube homepage’s suggested videos will disappear if you clear your search history in addition to your watch history. Favorite videos or channels you subscribe to won’t be cleared, though.

Advanced method of Deleting YouTube history :

Try clearing history in both your desktop and mobile browsers, as well as in the mobile apps for YouTube, if you want to make a more thorough cleanup of your YouTube search history. The YouTube app’s search history can be deleted by following the steps given below.

  1. Open Settings in the YouTube app.
  2. Select the Library icon.

Clear your whole watch history or just your search history by choosing History Settings. Click your profile picture to access the Settings menu and locate the Your Data in YouTube option if you’re signed in to YouTube. You have a variety of options from here to manage the data that YouTube tracks. Some of them are:

  • Take control of your YouTube history (tell YouTube whether to recognize what you watched or to recognize but then occasionally auto-delete this watch history).
  • Take control of your YouTube search history (tell YouTube whether to recognize your searches at all or to recognize them but then sometimes auto-delete).

Additionally, YouTube’s Your Data feature gives you control over Google-wide data choices like location history and ad preferences.

Wrapping Up:

To conclude, from the above-given article we have learned and gained some basic knowledge about youtube history and its deleting process. Do follow the same procedures to remove both your watch and search history from your device. To stop YouTube from continuing to record your actions, drag the toggle button to the right. 

Moreover, you can also enable the automatically delete YouTube History option. By clicking on the “set up automatic deletions”. It will schedule the timing for the deleting process. YouTube will allow you to delete in three ways that include manually, every 3 months, and every 18 months.