Yuri DDLC is a young boy with an obsession with knives. His family lives in a small town. His mother is a chef and his father works at a factory. In spite of his father’s objections, his obsession with knives leads him to try to protect his family from the dangers of crime.


Yuri is the oldest member of the Literature Club and has an impressively mature appearance. In addition to her purple hair, she wears two purple/magenta barrettes.

She wears a gray turtleneck and black yoga pants. Her forelocks, which form arches on top of her head, resemble cat ears. She also has unkempt bangs. In the game’s concept stage, Yuri stands at five feet and five inches.

She is a bit more mature than Sayori. In fact, she seems to have been judged for her mannerisms before she joined the club. She also has a larger bust than Natsuki. As a result, she is prone to back pain. In addition, she has an obsession with knives. She has a collection of custom-made blades from various merchants.


Yuri is the main character in Doki Doki Literature Club! and one of the five main characters in Re:Literature Club! Her appearance is described as “sophisticated”.

Yuri is a young female member of the GJ Club. She has purple hair. Her hair is very long. It is commonly used in anime to symbolize femininity and eliteness. However, Yuri’s hair color is very different from the other members. It is not black or blue, but instead light purple. It also has streaks of violet.

Yuri is very shy. She is hesitant to speak up, for fear of rejection. She has a desire to be liked. Yuri wants the player-character to love her. She feels trapped in her own mind. She is very passionate about certain topics. But she can’t control her obsessive outbursts. She wants to change.

Obsession with knives

Yuri’s obsession with knives is a mystery. It isn’t until later in the game that we learn why. However, Yuri’s love for knives isn’t the only aspect of her obsession that is sinister.

One of the most jarring moments in the game occurs when Yuri commits suicide. The scene involves Yuri’s stabbed body decomposing for three days. The scene is so shocking that many players had to ask why this particular plot point was included in the game. Ultimately, Dan Salvato admitted that the design was an error.

Yuri’s obsession with knives may be connected to her love for Game Theory. She enjoys collecting ornate knives. In fact, Yuri claims she can talk to knives as if they were real people.

Yuri’s love for knives is probably the result of her own cutting problem. She’s also been reading a lot of books that have an emphasis on surrealism. This may be why she’s so interested in the Portrait of Markov novel.

Favorite book

Yuri is one of the main characters of Doki Doki Literature Club! She is also the tallest and most mature-looking member of the club. She has long, straight purple hair, and light violet eyes. Yuri wears purple barrettes on both sides of her head.

Yuri has an unusual interest in knives. She is known to carry around a number of knives. These knives are usually associated with self-harm. However, there are a number of people who collect knives for non-harmful reasons.

Yuri is a shy, introverted character. She is very insecure about her passions. Yuri often avoids interactions with others, and fears being rejected. She is very insensitive towards others, and may be unaware of this. Yuri also has a strong desire to be liked, but doesn’t always know how to express her feelings.


Yuri Gurioku is the man behind the curtain of the literature club. Despite the mantle, his ego is a bit too large for the average bear to handle. In the ensuing tussle, it’s a race to the finish line that will be remembered for years to come. Although a bit on the nose, Yuri is a nice guy who knows his way around a woman. As such, you won’t have to worry about the sexisms for long. In fact, the aforementioned Gurioku could stand as the focal point of your next date night. The good news is that Yuri will never forget you. That’s a good thing, assuming that you’ve figured out the kinks in the first place. And who knows, you might even be able to nab the man of the moment.

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